donimus.gifThe Stanford-based Journalism and Women Symposium (JAWS) this morning joined the National Association of Black Journalists in condemning shock-jock Don Imus’ lame-ass remarks about Rutger’s women’s basketball team.

But does JAWS have much bite?

While NABJ is calling for Imus’ nappy head, saying, “As journalists, we firmly believe in the First Amendment and free speech. But free speech comes with responsibility, and sometimes with consequences. His removal must be that consequence.”

In contrast, JAWS merely whimpers, “MSNBC, which simulcasts the Imus in the Morning show, and CBS Radio, Imus’ employer, should consider stiff disciplinary action. It’s time to make Imus think before casually spewing more such hurtful invective.”


No, Imus will never be fired for his remarks. That’s not the kind of world we live in (for better or worse — you decide). But what’s the point of an advocacy group if you’re not going to get outraged with a capital “O?”

[In related news, the award for most-misleading headline goes to the NY Daily News for making us think we were going to learn something about the Purple One with this, Prince: I Comb My Hair.]