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Julia Allison at mb Branding Panel: ‘Either I Have Balls or I’m Delusional’

Is there joy in being a stalker/hustler? Ask Julia Allison.

Internet personality Julia Allison earned her billing last night at’s panel discussion “Personal Branding Redefined.” That’s not to say the other headliners — Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV and 1938 Media’s Loren Feldman — didn’t deliver, but they were no match for ubiquitous talking head Allison. Held at Manhattan’s new 92Y TriBeCa, the event drew more than 100 attendees: some wannabe brands, some suits seeking marketing pointers.

Festooned in a bright pink top and substantial black heels, Allison — when she wasn’t sitting with her white lapdog slung across her — embodied one of her main tips of the night during her presentation: “Walk with purpose,” she said. “You can get away with just about anything.” Such as?

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Maybe John McCain Should Draw Some Lessons From Julia Allison

mcallis.pngPoor John McCain now that the press appears to actually be doing their job, everyone is giving him a hard time about all the lies he’s been telling — even Karl Rove thinks he’s gone too far. So what’s John McCain doing about it? Nothing right if the escalating criticism of his campaign is anything to go by. Perhaps he should consider enlisting the consulting services of Julia Allison. Allison was recently interviewed for PR Week and says that with regards to bad press the thing to do is keep on keeping on:

The best way to handle bad press is to overwhelm it with other press. If you try to refute, and think that’s an effective way for that to go away, it’s not. All it will do is increase that particular angle in your Google search. The only way to deal with is to keep on going and take in other press for good things.
We are going to assume that McCain probably doesn’t know who Julia Allison is, or that he is overly concerned with the Google, but still! She makes a good point. No time like the present to hear from McCain on, say, the economy.

Esquire‘s 75th Anniversary Gala, Or, Bill Clinton Does Evita

gothesq.jpgFBNY has been covering the release of Esquire‘s 75th anniversary issue (the one with the special electronic cover) all week, and last night we attended a big party to mark the occasion and celebrate the 75 people Esquire thinks will be the most influential of the 21st Century. Sound a bit familiar? Well we did ask if this was Esquire‘s way of honing in on Time‘s yearly 100, but were assured that last night was a one shot deal.

The party was held at Gotham Hall, the inside of which sort of looks like a set piece from Triumph of the Will meets Lost Boys — great for a party but a bit of a strange atmosphere to watch, say, a former President give a speech. Which is exactly what happened when, shortly after we arrived, David Granger introduced Bill Clinton as the night’s surprise guest speaker (Clinton says every time he comes to Gotham Hall he expects Batman to appear). Actually Clinton wasn’t a surprise to everyone, Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales later told us that he’d heard about Clinton’s arrival beforehand from Julia Allison, at which point Charlie Rose leaned over to us and asked: “Who is Julia Allison?” More pictures and video of Clinton’s Peron-like speech (but, sadly without the music) after the jump.

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NowPublic Releases Randomly Assembled New York ‘MostPublic’ List

Julia Allison Arianna Huffington.jpgWe love lists. Especially ones that sort of tell us what we already know, except they randomly switch it around just to keep it interesting? Make sure we’re paying attention? It’s not clear. Anyway, with that in mind, we bring you NowPublic’s — the “world’s largest participatory news network” in case you were wondering (maybe comparable to being the world’s largest bookstore?) — list of New York’s top fifty “news influencers.” “Influencers” should not to be confused with “newsmakers” or actual reporters since, as we all know, these are now categories that currently encompass just about anyone who knows how to work a digital recorder or use twitter (yay for us). News “influencers,” however, are apparently people who shape the “media environment,” though they may also use twitter and digital recorders.

So who made the cut, all you newsmakers ask? Well, Fred Wilson and Arianna Huffington hold the top two spots, Lindsay Robertson, Lockhart Steele, and Nick Denton own slots 31,32,33 (in that order), and’s intrepid leader Laurel Touby, slides in at 48, just ahead of Emily Gould and Brian Stelter. Julia Allison — apparently a “maker” and not an “influencer” — did not merit a mention. The full list is here. We’re not sure why but it sort of feels like reading a tour guide to New York by someone who’s never actually been here.

Ellies ’08: Snapshots and Snippets

Smartest guy in the room or no, Wired EIC Chris Anderson‘s marshmallow issues have Julia Allison dismayed

Between our hand-numbing live blog and other Ellie-related reports, by now you know the basics — National Geographic and Vanity Fair the biggest winners, New York‘s non-sweep — from last night’s National Magazine Awards. So here’s an overview of the night, with more choice pics and gossipy bits to come throughout the day. Impressionistic shots and thoughts after the jump…

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New York Writer on Julia Allison’s Just Deserts

a10132a.jpgThough she’s over-saturated according to a certain swath of bitchy bloggers (present company included), Julia Allison‘s gotten millionaires and media execs to take notice. Inspiring to some, loathsome to others, she’s making an impression — many, as it turns out. Whether you view it as a cautionary tale or a how-to manual, here’s New York contributor Stephen Rodrick on how a polarizing public figure/sometime journalist fashioned herself into a fixture.

Becoming Julia

Julia Allison, Not ATwitter

Remember when we regaled Julia Allison‘s vehement disavowal of Twitter at SXSWi in all its expletive-laden glory? To refresh:

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SXSWi ’08: Julia Allison on Facebook Keynote Debacle: ‘They Were Just Mismatched Communicators’

‘Gossip’ panelists, from left: TMZ’s Alan Citron, Valleywag’s Owen Thomas, moderator Heather Gold, Star editor-at-large Julia Allison, Shaila Dewan of The New York Times, and Twitter’s Evan Williams.

In a SXSWi panel in Austin dubbed, fittingly, ‘Gossip,’ blogger/online schadenfreude supplier Julia Allison leapt to defend journalist Sarah Lacy just after the former BusinessWeeker’s trainwreck interview with keynote speaker-cum-Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that was the talk of SXSWi on Sunday.

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SXSWi ’08: Frenching Fire @ Frog Design Fete

Overheard: “I wish I could lick that big frog to see if I get high.”

We’d heard plenty about FrogDesign’s storied SXSWi annual opening soiree, and with party lines here in Austin stretching lengths of city blocks, we were wary. But the shindig didn’t disappoint: Keeping the crowd agog was a salsa band, break dancers, and women playing with fire (allegedly, before we joined the slobbering circle, the women passed an open flame from tongue to tongue). We spotted Julia Allison at one point, but her entertainment value was well eclipsed by those hired to put on a show. Our Circus blog has video here, and more pics follow:

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Grigoriadis Dissects Gawker, Finds Shriveled Heart


Vanessa Grigoriadis gets back at Gawker for making fun of her wedding write-up. Writing in New York, Grigoriadis writes:

Like most journalists, I tend to have a defeatist attitude about Gawker, dismissing it as the Mystery Science Theater 3000 of journalism, or accepting its vague put-downs under the principle that any press is good press.

She liked Elizabeth Spiers, but then she felt sorry for Judith Regan, too. She also has a very odd perspective on things, writing:

A Town Car pulls to the curb: It’s the most famous young journalist in the city, Julia Allison.

Julia Allison is a journalist? This is a joke, right?

Nick Denton responds with a shrug.

FishbowlNY points out that Grigordias doesn’t have much dirt to share, which is a real pity. Maybe living in LA is mellowing her out. Oh, wait–she did find out this:

Until recently, most Gawker bloggers were paid a flat rate of $12 per post for twelve posts a day, with quarterly bonuses adding to the bottom line; these bonuses could be used to buy equity in the company, which took two years to vest. Now, Denton is moving to a pay-for-performance system.

No wonder Balk left. No wonder Gawker’s always so mean about