julia_campbell_fbny.jpgExtremely sad news for the mediabistro.com family: Julia Campbell, a newspaper reporter and former newspaper writing instructor for mediabistro.com, was found dead in the Philippines. She was a member of the Peace Corps and had gone missing. According to the Associated Press, Campbell “was found buried with one foot protruding from the ground near the village of Batad. It was not clear whether she had been buried by someone or if she was covered by debris during a fall.”

Here’s her instructor’s bio:

In her 14 years as a journalist, Julia Campbell has written for newspapers large and small, magazines and major Internet news sites. Her first newspaper job was at a weekly in Virginia, and, after writing about a defiant old woman fighting a highway that was to be built right through her property, Julia was hooked. She went on to work as a reporter for several newspapers, eventually landing a full-time freelance position at the New York Times. While at the Times, Julia worked on a team investigating police corruption and covered the New York Police Department. Her work at the Times led her to a correspondent’s job at People magazine, covering high-profile crime stories, including the Los Angeles murder of Bill Cosby‘s son, Ennis. A former senior editor at CourtTV.com and producer at ABCNews.com, Julia is now a senior editor at Star magazine.

Taffy Brodesser-Akner, mediabistro.com’s director of community development, remembers Campbell:

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