Within the insular confines of SoCal food journalism, a big deal this past week or so has involved the efforts of website Eater LA to expose the identity of incoming LA Weekly food critic Besha Rodell.

The first post by Eater LA editor Kat Odell was on-target, to an extent, as it featured a blown up photo of Rodell moderating a panel discussion at the recent Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. But the picture is no longer there, quickly taken down after its photographer cried copyright.

And so, Odell came back this week with a second reader-provided snap. One that Rodell is actually perfectly OK with:

Thus far, the photographer of this photo has not demanded it be removed. Probably because the photographer may have a vested interest in people thinking that photo looks exactly like me. You’d think Eater, with all its smarty-pants Internet savvy, would know the difference between a credit and a caption. But whatever. Chefs of LA – I look just like that! I haven’t aged a day!

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