digitalee.jpgDespite its silly name, magazine and newspaper publisher Hearst is confident that its new Skiff digital publishing technology will lead the charge in e-readers by the time the application/device is ready to launch.

Launching sometime early next year, Skiff-enabled devices will produce products far-and-above the similarly-proposed Time Inc. and Conde Nast digital magazines because, as Hearst media president Kenneth A. Bronfin told The Wall Street Journal, “We are going to create an entity by publishers, for publishers.”

So what does that mean, exactly? Unlike other digital readers, Skiff-enabled devices will offer advertising, which none of the other e-readers do yet. What’s more, the Skiff service includes a digital storefront that will rival Amazon’s Kindle store, allowing Hearst pubs to be downloaded on devices like iPhone and netbooks.

Hearst has made some pretty good decisions this year to keep them out of financial straights. We hope this is one of them.

Full press release from Hearst explaining their new service, after the jump

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