A little while ago we wrote about how the San Diego CityBeat was hitting some hard financial times, and was soliciting donations from readers to help keep it afloat. Doesn’t look like that effort is going too well, because the paper is shedding writers. Last week, after four years with the CityBeat, columnist Enrique Limon penned his final piece for the paper.

At times, I’ve felt as if my tenure at CityBeat has played out like low-budg version of The Devil Wears Prada (“a million girls would kill for your job” is one of my many mantras). So, with my love not just for alt-media, but journalism in general, still intact, I decided to kill the baby, so to speak.

I announced this decision to my editor months ago during a rare one-on-one meeting and told him that it was my wish to reach the mini milestone that is this space’s four-year anniversary before the infant-bludgeoning.

A lot was said in that meeting, both good and bad, and although I had the Mommy Dearest boardroom monologue memorized and ready to go, I never once lost my cool. At risk of damaging his street cred, I’ll share this much: We sealed the encounter with a hug….

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