The funniest reaction to that UK Channel 4 set-to-go-viral press junket interview conducted by Krishnan Guru-Murthy (pictured) with Quentin Tarantino is from the interviewer himself. Via blog post-mortem, the reporter deems himself rather disappointed with the level of QT’s first wave of put-down dialogue:

Tarantino has made at least two of my all time favorite movies. I can quote speeches from Pulp Fiction on a good day and watch Kill Bill Vol 2 on a late night anytime. So I have to admit “I’m shutting your butt down!” was a slight disappointment from the creator of some of the most exciting dialogue of modern movies…

For those concerned about my “butt” it is just fine. My cycling training for the big London to Paris ride with Jon is causing it more pain than Quentin. And he didn’t storm out at the end, in case you’re wondering. Though we didn’t exchange mobile numbers.

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