Five pages into the autopsy report for Natalie Wood begins the reason for today’s chilling headlines: a re-evaluation begun May 12, 2012 and signed off by Coroner’s Office chief medical examiner Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran on June 15. The information is what led the cause of death on Wood’s to be expanded to “drowning and other undetermined factors.”

We decided to check in with author Marti Rulli to get her take on today’s developments. “The main point that needs to be made I think is that this is an independent report from the Coroner’s Office,” Rulli says. “It’s the forensics and science end of the investigation, and when it corresponds with the information gathered by the LA Sheriff’s Department and their ongoing investigation, then the department will be able to put together their most logical explanation regarding Natalie’s final night.”

“The important details include the 300 cc’s of urine in Natalie’s bladder,” she continues. “It’s likely she would have released her bladder if alive in the water for any length of time. There also exists no evidence that Natalie clung to a float-away dinghy and that is huge because it disposes of the long-time theory that that’s what happened the night she died. There’s also no evidence of Natalie having scratched the dinghy in an effort to climb aboard it.”

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