The first nine paragraphs of today’s “Column One” by Hector Becerra are expertly constructed.

Taken as a whole, they perfectly illustrate (in a feature reporting kind of way) the old AP “inverted pyramid” lede principle. That is to say, the reporter sets the scene, draws the reader in and then, thunderously, delivers a wallop.

Becerra describes a recent Sunday visit paid by Robert Adler-Peckerar to Mount Zion, a Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of downtown LA. The gate was locked; a caretaker next door needed to be summoned. Once inside the dilapidated resting place, the searcher found the sadly fallen marker of the life he was investigating:

“This is what happened to one of the greatest Yiddish writers in LA,” said Adler-Peckerar, executive director of Yiddishkayt, an organization dedicated to preserving the Yiddish language and culture. “I’d never seen a cemetery like this in America.”

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