Following up an item from last month, Vegas man-about-town Robin Leach checks back in to a major topic of Sin City conversation. Locals are increasingly fearful that the upcoming TLC reality series Vegas High Rollers will bathe the Strip in an exaggerated negative light. To which FishbowlLA replies, what else is new?

That’s the M.O. of reality TV. To orchestrate and amp up the confrontations, no matter how real, followed by many sweaty hours in the editing room. It’s a well-worn cliffhanger-pinwheel process seemingly re-confirmed by one of Leach’s sources:

“The truth is that it was a different project that they signed on to, and it has gone in a direction they hoped would never happen. They are totally frustrated. The producers who also shoot Real Housewives episodes promised this would be different – about powerful women who have made it on their own. They know Vegas is a small community where everybody knows everybody involved, not like Real Housewives in much bigger cities.”

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