nightla.jpgDo we normally use this blog to list job postings? No. But job postings aren’t normally for an outfit with as fun a name to say out loud at Metromix.

Metromix. Metromix. Metromix. Say it backward, and a kid from the fifth dimension loses all his powers.

In any case, Metromix, a new LAT/Tribune online entertainment site geared toward those thick-walleted 18- to 34-year-olds, is looking for online writer/editors, and we told LA Metromix’s editor Deborah Vankin that we’d help get the word out because we’re nice like that.

In addition to the job description below, Vankin says she’s also looking for a number two who can “work with the Assoc. Producers on the site. 5+ years experience as writer-editor — both online and print experience preferred.”

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