Evidently, idea theft abounds in Hollywood. Laura Kightlinger is suing Mike White. She’s the creator of Jackie Woodman, and this whole thing sounds like an episode for that series.

Kightlinger wrote a screenplay about a woman who rescues cats. White, best known for Nacho Libre and Chuck and Buck, wrote a screenplay about a woman who rescues dogs, which became the Molly Shannon vehicle, Year of the Dog.

The two were friends–she even offered to punch up his script, which in retrospect, maybe he should have accepted that offer, and shared the credit.

All this only matters because the stakes are so low: Year of the Dog has made $1.5 million at the box office. White emailed the Times:

I never cared if they thought I was weird or uncommercial or an acquired taste or whatever. That Laura is seeking publicity for herself by trying to damage what I have spent my career trying to create seems cruel.

Let’s review: his movie made $1.5 million and he thinks she’s trying to glom on the glory?