wired222.jpgWe’re only a couple of weeks away from 2010, and that means it’s time for every publication still in existence to start doing a “Best Of The Decade” list like its VH1′s entire programming line-up.

Lists are great because they are fun, subjective, and get people talking. We’ve seen Time magazine take that idea to heart in its recent issue, and today AdWeek has rolled out a slew of decade-spanning “Best Of” lists that are sure to get some media executives primping their feathers…and others grinding their teeth.

As the editors said in their foreword, the winners this year “weren’t all 21-year-old whiz kids,” which is a relief from what we heard a decade ago when talking about Internet branding and marketing. The Media Company of the Decade award was a no-brainer; the title went to Google for its “game-changing, pay-per-click ad model” which “helped pull the left-for-dead online advertising business out of the post-Web 1.0 recession.” Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google also won the Web Entrepreneurs of the Year award.

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