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Glossy Mag Ignores Lindsay Lohan’s Rep

ShutterstockLindsayLohan2013Last week, we wrote about OK! magazine’s inventive Jennifer Aniston cover story. This week, once again per Gossip Cop, it’s deja voodoo all over again as the magazine is making up more great stories. With yet another noteworthy twist.

It’s one thing to falsely allege that Tom Cruise and Lindsay Lohan hooked up in London. It’s quite another to race towards deadline with that fable after a rep for one of the celebrities has confirmed “Tom & Lindsay: IT’S ON!” is way off. From Gossip Cop associate editor Shari Weissreport:

The entire OK! dating premise was a “lie,” Lohan’s rep told Gossip Cop exclusively. Lohan’s spokesperson even revealed to us that she told the tabloid that its story was wrong and laughable, and yet the magazine still chose to run it.

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NBC News Investigates Justin Bieber ‘Pot Plane’

Just when we thought the Justin Bieber press couldn’t get any worse, along comes the NBC News Investigations team of Richard Esposito, Tom Winter, Jeff Rossen and Monica Alba. The quartet’s exclusive report outlines a litany of additional recent Team Bieber offenses that occurred during Friday’s Gulfstream IV flight from Waterloo, Ontario to Teterboro, NJ.


It’s becoming increasingly clear that much like Lindsay Lohan and the Kardashians, the Biebs has a parent very much in the middle of the mix. Bieber’s dad was on the flight and apparently did nothing to try and stop the reefer madness:

“The captain of the flight stated that he warned the passengers, including Bieber, on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana,” says the official report of the incident. “The captain also stated he needed to request that the passengers stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant and after several warnings asked the flight attendant to stay with him near the cockpit to avoid any further abuse.”

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AP LA’s Anthony McCartney on the Joys of Covering Celebrity Courtroom Drama

Although there will be some fireworks during Katherine Jackson vs. AEG, this legal matter will in all likelihood not be as striking to AP entertainment reporter Anthony McCartney as the Conrad Murray trial. Speaking to FishbowlLA Tuesday morning ahead of a day of early jury selection for the Jackson-AEG battle, he cited last year’s Murray trial as one that stands out during his five-plus years with AP.

“The recording of Michael Jackson‘s voice that they played during the trial, during opening statements was one of the more stunning moments that I’ve handled as a court reporter,” McCartney remembers. “No one knew the tape existed.”

“So much of what happened in that Jackson case involved two people, and one of them was dead,” he continues. “So to hear from the deceased party, in the courtroom, was very haunting. [Prosecuting attorney] David Walgren was also extremely impressive. There was a closing argument that he gave, where he emphasized the refrain “poor Conrad Murray” to call out the excuses that Murray had made for his actions and Murray’s defense that he was persecuted and it wasn’t his fault. Very effective.”

Then there is Lindsay Lohan. McCartney has covered her ad nauseum for AP and when asked for his take on what ails her (pre-Tuesday night’s instantly infamous David Letterman interview), he points to something a judge once said.

“It’s gotten to the point where I absolutely refuse to predict what’s going to happen in a Lindsay Lohan court hearing,” he confesses. “One of the more surprising things one of her judges said, about a year and a half ago, was that after looking at all the psychological reports, she didn’t think that Lohan was an addict. She thought that her problems were psychological. I think that statement caught a lot of people by surprise.”

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James Deen Tells Reporter the New York Times Was ‘Accurate Enough’

There’s a quote to be savored at the half-way mark of Topless Robot editor Luke Y. Thompson‘s article “On the Set of a Sci-Fi Porno.” It was given to LYT by hot young adult (and budding crossover) star James Deen in the midst of the making of Surviving Humanity, a film intended to first be released as an R-rated offering.

Thompson tried (and failed) to get Deen to dish on the actor’s recent The Canyons co-star Lindsay Lohan. But when he brought up that infamous New York Times Magazine piece by Stephan Rodrick, about the movie’s tumultuous production, he fielded this answer:

Deen says only that it’s “accurate enough – it is real-life events reflected in a mirror and retold for dramatic effect. There’s enough in it that’s true that we can’t say it’s not true, but there’s also so much else there than what they described just in that article.”

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James Deen Wins ‘Best Male Performer of the Year,’ and Isn’t Retiring from Porn Any Time Soon

Our porn crush James Deen won top honors tonight at the 30th annual AVN Awards at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, landing the award for Best Male Performer of the Year. He gave his acceptance speech directly to the porn actresses presenting the award, with his back to the audience, and thanked all his female co-stars, as well as the many women he’ll get to work with in the future.

Deen may be a crossover success, starring in the upcoming Bret Easton Ellis film The Canyons with Lindsay Lohan, but porn is clearly his first love. When Sundance rejected The Canyons, Deen said he wasn’t bothered by the snub. “It coincides with AVN. Priorities man!!!!!” Works for us.

New York Times Magazine Gets Old-School Access to The Canyons

It’s the kind of piece that just doesn’t happen anymore in this era of hyper-PR. Stephan Rodrick‘s behind-the-scenes piece in the New York Times Magazine on the making of Paul Schrader‘s film The Canyons is definitely the read of the day. It may just be the most Hollywood thing we have ever read: porn stars, desperation, and plenty of Lindsay Lohan. And dream access.

A (slightly out of context) taste about filming a four-way sex scene with LiLo and three porn stars:

Schrader worried that the early-morning sunlight would begin streaming through the house. He thought of sending everyone home. But then he realized that there was one thing he hadn’t yet tried. He stripped off all of his clothes. Naked, he walked toward Lohan.

“Lins, I want you to be comfortable. C’mon, let’s do this.”

Lohan shrieked.

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Which Tabloid Described Lindsay Lohan’s Latest Arrest Best?

Lindsay Lohan will never go to jail for a long time. It doesn’t matter what she does or how often she does it. She just won’t. The 26-year-old actress could steal a police car, and when the cops show up to arrest her, snort lines of coke off the hood of the vehicle, set it on fire then slap the first two officers that approach her, and she would still get community service.

If you accept that, then you can start to see the humor in her constant stream of arrests. Those stories are great fodder for newspapers, so FishbowlNY thought it’d be fun to see which New York tabloid described Lohan’s latest stumble the best. Below are a couple choice excerpts from The New York Post and The New York Daily News’ coverage of Lohan getting nabbed by cops for allegedly punching another woman. Read them and see if you can pick the better reporting.

The Post:

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Lindsay Lohan Stage Show Offering Discounts to DUI and Parole Card Holders

When it comes to the multimedia extravaganza Project: Lohan, west coast premiering at San Francisco’s The Costume Shop through August 19 after a spring 2011 run in New York City, there’s so much to like.

For starters, the disclaimer in the teaser clips reads: ‘All characters appearing in this work are not fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely on purpose.’ Then there’s the fact that ahead of an interview piece running Thursday on public radio station KALW 97.1 FM, the show’s promoters stress the following:

In a special shout-out to other folks who have had a “difference of opinion” with the law; if you have a DUI conviction and/or have a parole card, bring it with you to the box office and receive $5.00 off the price of your ticket.

Ha ha, perfect. Project: Lohan features a half-dozen cross-dressing actors, 172 costume changes and 60 characters. For the text, Bay Area playwright D’Arcy Drollinger (who also stars as Lilo) used only previously published content from tabloids, magazines, TV shows, Internet sites and court documents.

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Censoring Images of Lindsay Lohan & Kate Upton Just Makes Us Want to Look

We had zero interest in the latest gunplay-themed photo shoot with Lindsay Lohan until we heard photographer Terry Richardson had, without explanation, suddenly deleted the photos from his Tumblr blog. If this was an intentional bit of media manipulation, it seems to be working. Richardson’s removal of the pictures is generating far more press than the pics themselves did.

Ditto for Richardson’s new video of model Kate Upton. YouTube banned the behind-the-scenes look at Upton’s recent shoot for GQ magazine, presumably because of the horror that is the female nipple. So of course we had to watch it. And it’s pretty damn tame, as you can see below. Not that Richardson should mind his work being removed from the site. The last time YouTube banned a Richardson/Upton video, the resulting publicity helped the “Cat Daddy” dance go viral, and god help us if we aren’t still watching it.

TMZ Disputes KABC’s Lindsay Lohan Report

According to KABC, Lindsay Lohan was rushed to the hospital after she was reportedly found unconscious in the penthouse of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey Friday morning.

But leave it to TMZ to one-up traditional media outlets once again as Harvey Levin‘s team says Lohan not only never went to the hospital but she’s back on the set of her Lifetime movie:

We’re told someone became alarmed because they could not wake her up and the person called 911.

Paramedics responded, and determined nothing was wrong with Lindsay.  They left without transporting her to the hospital.

Lindsay is back on set shooting her Lifetime movie, “Liz and Dick.”

As far as we know, Lindsay did not go to the hospital herself.

TMZ: 1, KABC: 0.