Today, we received a formal announcement from The Financial Times regarding the return of columnist Martin Lukes. Announced the salmon-colored paper:

“On Thursday 5th November Martin Lukes, iconic leader, trendsetter, multiple award winner and former CEO of Atlanta-based a-b glöbâl, returns to the Financial Times with a new weekly print and online column.”

According to the announcement, Lukes is currently serving the rest of his sentence for insider trading but will write his column from inside the prison, relaying information through his wife, Sherril. A financial paper publishing a column from a convicted white collar criminal while he’s still behind bars would be an amazing story, if Lukes himself wasn’t a complete fabrication.

Lukes, and the book he penned called Who Moved my BlackBerry?, are creations of FT writer Lucy Kellaway. It’s sort of like Newsweek‘s Dan Lyon‘s creation of Fake Steve Jobs, without the very obvious satirical title.

Although Lukes stopped writing his original FT column after being arrested for insider trading in 2007, it seems like Kellaway has finally decided to resurrect the character. Could it have something to do with the fact that business journalism could use a laugh right now or is the FT poking fun at white collar criminals like Conrad Black writing for pubs like The Daily Beast from prison?

The full release about Lukes, after the jump.

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