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Blogger Party!

The Los Angeles Chapter of the Online News Association is hosting a “Meet the Bloggers” party on Thursday at the L.A. Times building downtown.

They’re luring people with free pizza, awkwardly worded press releases and a chance to meet Luke Ford.

Um… despite their best efforts, we’re sure it’s going to be a happening event.

The group’s press release follows:

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Sean Young–Drunk, Crazy and Cuter than Schnabel

SeanYoung (Small).JPG

Luke Ford, self-styled moral leader, has some photos of Sean Young, taken last December. She looks pretty great for a crazy girl.

Since when is shouting at a self-important gas bag greaseball like Julian Schnabel such a faux pas? There was a time when Hollywood would celebrate such an act, rather than rush her off to the spin bin. Too bad Vikram Jayanti wasn’t her date.

If Schnabel had any imagination, he would have swooped down and done an Adrian Brody to shut her up.

And as a Gold Rush commenter points out, at least she didn’t glue his dick to his leg. (So what if it’s an urban legend? It’s still a great story.)

Why aren’t feminists leaping to defend Young’s speaking truth to power? Look at the video–Schnabel’s not so coherent himself.

She spoke for every woman in the room–all cinched in by Spanx, Choos, and a Wonderbra–when she urged the guy to get on with the godamned speech so they could go home.
Right on sister!

Luke Ford and Dwight Schweitzer: Blame it on Google


Ever-popular Luke Ford did an interview with one David Owen Schweitzer back in 2004, shortly after David O. Schweitzer, who was the publisher of the now-defunct Miami weekly Jewish Star Times, sued the Miami Herald for defamation. David Schweitzer also wanted Romenesko to delink the Herald’s stories about his arrest for allegedly kicking a prostitute.

Now, Schweitzer wants Ford to delete the interview because it’s the first hit in a Google search. Or it was.

FBLA thinks Schweitzer should just change his name.

Sundown on Sunset: Words to the Wise


Jeffrey Wells needs to keep it in his pants.

Cat Vasko needs to get out more, judging by the Gridskipper dining guide to downtown LA.

MTV needs to re-think the whole Britney thing–live, tape-delay or best, not at all.

Luke Ford needs to abandon J-Date.

And our anon. friend at needs a new hobby.

(photo from Trained Monkey)

Luke Ford Breaks Save-A-Heart Story, Jewish Journal Follows Up


Luke Ford posted an intriguing story about financial shenanigans at the Save A Heart Foundation, a nonprofit associated with Cedars-Sinai, on August 26th. Brad Greenberg, writing in the Jewish Journal, follows up with a piece about LAPD’s investigation–which began after Ford’s post.

Ford doesn’t get any credit for breaking the story, which is sort of usual. To be fair, his unnamed informant could have contacted Greenberg, as well.

And of course, the LA Times hasn’t even noticed.

TMZ: The AntiChrist Aftermath


Ray Richmond and Tabloid Baby team up to take on TMZ.

Luke Ford
also got in on the action, but then he would, wouldn’t he?

Luke Ford’s Bar Mitzvah: The Jewish Journal Interview


The Jewish Journal profiles LA’s most determined blogger/convert: Luke Ford. Brad Greenberg actually went to The Hovel to learn more about the man behind the blue blazer and the Aussie accent, asking:

What happens when gossip, roundly despised in Jewish law and tradition, turns out to be true and important?

Greenberg gets Ford’s very real scoops (HIV in adult film world, Villaraigosa’s marital woes) but over states Ford’s shunning by the LA media world, just a little. FBLA sees him everywhere.

Mirthala Salinas and Mayor Villaraigosa: Does the Romance Cost the City?


The LA Times dutifully kept the heat on Telemundo temptress Mirthala Salinas and Mayor Villaraigosa, sort of. As Mickey Kaus points out, the LAT considers her the victim, with the last line in the piece:

“She is a community figure; people relate to her and respect her,” said Rochelle Newman-Carrasco, chief executive of Enlace, an L.A. communications marketing firm that specializes in Latino media. “Spanish-language news anchors are not just readers of the news. They are the voice of the community; they are advocates for the community and role models.

Passing quickly over the role model part, Luke Ford wonders why dating politicans is worthy of respect. Mayor Sams’ commentors agree, in their fashion.

Eric Longabardi, of ERSNews, has the latest on a female security officer hand-picked by Villaraigosa, who also assures AP’s Michael Blood that no tax-payer monies have paid for nookie, locations for nookie, transport for nookie, but security during nookie? That’s a different story.

Poor Andres Martinez. Remember him–the op-ed section guy who dated a woman in PR, whose client he tapped to guest-edit a section, and his semi-conflict of interest problem? The LA Times wasn’t very concerned about his career.

Luke Ford vs. Eric Spillman: Dust Up Duel over Villaraigosa

Isaac (Small)2.jpg

Luke Ford will face off against Eric Spillman (KTLA) in the LA Times’ Dust Up feature. They’ll be sparring about Bloggers vs. MSM, with a segue into the Mayor and the Mistress.

Luke’s been making a list:

When was the last time a TV news reporter was fired for getting a story wrong? (Dan Rather?)

When was the last time a TV news reporter was fired for not breaking stories?

Ford doesn’t think much of Spillman’s blog–and considering Spillman just posted the Virgin Air press release we threw away….

Of course, this way the LAT can weasel out of actually keeping the story alive, as Mickey Kaus points out.

WWD Not Talking About Jacob Bernstein, Nikki Finke


WWD isn’t talking about Jacob Bernstein’s profile of Nikki Finke that disappeared from the online archives, despite being published over the July 4th weekend.

Andrea Kaplan told FBLA “we have no comment”.

We asked Luke Ford if WWD was making him take down his post quoting from the story. He told FBLA that WWD hasn’t communicated anything to him.

Our emails and phone calls to Jacob Bernstein have not been returned.

Kevin Roderick pulled his quotes yesterday, citing a mysterious source, who’s probably the same person who suggested that FBLA do the same.

Trust us, the quotes aren’t nearly as interesting as the mysterious disappearance of the story.

If we were to guess, WWD must not have fact-checked very carefully. Or else the editors suspected that outing a journalist’s sources (or some of those sources) might be a bad idea.

Jacob Bernstein’s Nikki Finke Profile in WWD: MIA?