ManBanterFacebookComicConAt press time, the official Twitter account @ManBanterSucks is not coming up and the Facebook page /ManBanter no longer registers either. Following a rancid Sunday at New York Comic Con for the show that bills itself as “The Most Unapologetic Man Show in the history of Public Access TV!”

The host of Man Banter is Mike Babchik. The program’s Facebook page listed it as airing on Bronx Net channel 68 Cablevision/Fios 34. But that may change in the wake of this weekend’s shenanigans, as relayed by Boing Boing ’s Rob Beschizza. Here for example is how it went down between the show’s crew and cosplayer Bethany Maddock:

The very first question that pops out of his mouth was “So, does your costume help you get laid?” It’s at that point where all my con creeper stories I’ve read on Tumblr and heard through my friends, kicked in. I ended the interview immediately.

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