The Tumblr Who Pays Writers was launched in December 2012 by Manjula Martin. It grew innocently out of a Twitter conversation the San Francisco-based freelancer was having with some friends.

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about how publishing is changing,” Martin tells FishbowlLA. “Whether or not everyone agrees with that, it inspired a question for me: How can we as culture workers navigate this industry – or help it evolve new models – if we’re not talking openly about its economic realities?”

“I had been thinking about this a lot as a freelance writer and editor who moves between copywriting, consulting, journalistic work and “creative” writing,” she continues. “Then one Saturday morning, I was having a conversation on Twitter with some other writers about how a lot of publications don’t pay at all, and it seems like that’s not common knowledge. I had been making my own running list of rates I knew about, and I decided to ask others to contribute to a public listing on Tumblr. The response was much larger than I anticipated, which is great.”

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