Less than a year into his bold Internet experiment, Tom Leykis feels there is no need to consider returning to the realms of terrestrial or satellite radio.

The reason for this conclusion are the stats he has been accumulating since last fall. Although Leykis’ online program debuted April 2 2012, it wasn’t until September 9 – after some months of working out the online kinks – that he and his The New Normal colleagues layered in Triton Digital’s Webcast Metrics. In just four months, Leykis has reached the three million tune-ins (connections) mark. From today’s announcement:

In addition, The Tom Leykis Show was number ranked 34 on TuneIn’s Top 100 Stations of 2012 and normally trends at or about Number 1 out of TuneIn’s 70,000+ streams every weekday PM drive when the show is live.

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