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Engadget Editorial Director Heads to TMZ

After hearing from a source that Joshua Fruhlinger is leaving his position as editorial director for Engadget, Joystiq and TUAW to oversee digital at TMZ, Mario Ruiz, spokesperson for Huffington Post Media Group confirmed Fruhlinger’s departure.

Ruiz commented:

“We’ll miss Josh enormously, and wish him the best of luck as he takes on his big new role at TMZ. And we’re delighted that he’ll be bringing his passion for tech and gadgets to Engadget as an ongoing contributor. In his role as editor-in-chief of Engadget, Tim Stevens will oversee Engadget’s editorial vision and execution, while Jay Kirsch, who is overseeing business for our tech sites including Engadget, will oversee the business side of the site.”

Fruhlinger added:

“Engadget, Joystiq, and TUAW are in my blood. Since 2004, I’ve worked hard to make them among the best tech news and information destinations in the world, and I feel now is as good a time as any to step aside and let the amazing teams at the sites’ helms do what they do best. Of course, moving to California to be close to my family has a good deal to do with my decision, and I look forward to seeing my parents, siblings, and their children on a regular basis.”

Our source did add that the position was mainly a business role; HuffPost Media Group isn’t looking for a replacement.

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Joshua Fruhlinger Joins TMZ

Our cousins over at FishbowlNY got the scoop that Engadget, Joystiq and TUAW editorial director Joshua Fruhlinger is joining TMZ to head the site’s digital operation.

“Engadget, Joystiq, and TUAW are in my blood,” Fruhlinger told FishbowlNY. “Since 2004, I’ve worked hard to make them among the best tech news and information destinations in the world, and I feel now is as good a time as any to step aside and let the amazing teams at the sites’ helms do what they do best. Of course, moving to California to be close to my family has a good deal to do with my decision, and I look forward to seeing my parents, siblings, and their children on a regular basis.”

Engadget EIC Tim Stevens and Huffington Post Media Group tech business specialist Jay Kirsch will share Fruhlinger’s old duties. HuffPost spokesman Mario Ruiz says no new hires are expected.

HuffPost’s Head of Media Relations Leaves, Launches New Agency

After five years promoting The Huffington Post Media Group and its many arms – which somehow seem to have something it wants publicized nearly daily – Mario Ruiz, senior VP, media relations is leaving to start his own agency.

Mario Ruiz Public Relations is being described as a “NYC-based, full service public relations agency maintaining practice areas in technology, new media, causes, corporate communications, and more.”

Ruiz told FishbowlNY, “I haven’t made my first hire yet, but I do have my logo.”

He also has his first heavyweight client: Huffington Post Media Group.

In a staff memo sent by Arianna Huffington about Ruiz’s departure, she wrote:

After five years at HuffPost, Mario is moving on to start his own agency – with the Huffington Post Media Group as his first client!  When Oak was doing its due diligence for our second round of financing, they came back to us wondering how come they couldn’t find the details on our marketing budget.  We told them it was because we didn’t have a marketing budget.  Mario was our PR, Marketing, and Communications departments all rolled into one – a one-man-band who handled everything from getting HuffPosters on TV to press releases to pulling off memorable events like our pre-inauguration party in 2008 (voted the top DC social event of the year), our Convention Oasis, and our annual Game Changers fete.  And that’s on top of fielding every press query – whether they came early in the morning or late on a weekend night.  I’m proud of him for spreading his wings, and look forward to working together for many, many years to come. Arianna

If you ask us, Ruiz is making a good move. Of course, though, no one has asked us.

AOL Patch to Launch Hyperlocal Latino Sites in SoCal

Perhaps responding to criticisms about its lack of diversity, AOL HuffPo is launching new Patch sites geared towards Latino readership in Southern California. Three new Patch Latino sites will launch here by the end of the year, although no decisions have apparently been made regarding what communities those sites will cover. (How about Bell anyone?)

HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz told us the new offerings will in no way effect the media conglomerate’s existing AOL Latino site. “Patch Latino is hyperlocal, like all Patch sites. And AOL Latino is national (and international) coverage.”

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AOL Fires Moviefone Editor Who Offered Fired Freelancers Chance to Work for Free

Earlier today we reported that freelancers at AOL’s Moviefone/Cinematical were fired, and then, sweetly, offered the chance to work for free.

Shortly afterwards, we received a follow-up in which Patricia Chui, Editor-in-Chief of Moviefone, issued an apology of sorts to freelancers, where she attempted to clarify that “we have not been asking freelancers (i.e., any of you) to become unpaid bloggers.” (Except, of course, that she had.)

Now, Kara Swisher reports that today, sources said that Chui was fired by John Montorio, the HuffPo Media Group’s culture, entertainment, and lifestyle editor.

That was fast! But considering all of the bad publicity HuffPo has gotten for unpaid bloggers, and its effort to refashion itself as an outlet based on traditional journalism, Chui’s email was incredibly ill-advised.

Apparently it was not the first time Chui had made a serious gaffe.

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Andrew Breitbart Booted From HuffPo Front Page: Equates Plight With Nazi Persecution

Well, that didn’t take long. Andrew Breitbart has officially been kicked off Huffington Post‘s front page. Breibart’s arrival on HuffPo had not been very well received by the site’s liberal base–and Breitbart saying some nasty things about Color of Change‘s Van Jones gave HuffPo the pretext it needed to relegate the conservative blogger to some less prominent real estate on the site.

Writes HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz in a statement:

The Huffington Post is committed to fostering a lively and often provocative debate about the issues of the day and encourages a wide range of voices from all perspectives to participate. Andrew Brietbart’s ad hominem attack on Van Jones in The Daily Caller — right down to calling him a “commie punk” and “a cop killer-supporting, racist, demagogic freak” — violates the tenets of debate and civil discourse we have strived for since the day we launched. As a result, we will no longer feature his posts on the front page.

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Huffington Post Stands By Breitbart Blogging

Progressives have been none-too-pleased with Andrew Breitbart’s sudden appearance on the Huffington Post earlier this month. But it looks as if the conservative agitator will be on the site for the long haul. HuffPo spokesman Mario Ruiz talked to the Washington Post about Breitbart.

From the beginning, The Huffington Post has welcomed voices from all sides of the political spectrum, including conservatives such as Newt Gingrich, Frank Luntz, Tom Coburn, Laura Ingraham, Bob Barr, George Pataki, David Frum, Byron York, Mary Matalin, and Ken Blackwell. The idea being that dialogue — from a wide range of perspectives — is preferable to silence. The fact that Andrew Breitbart’s first post on our site drew over 1,635 comments, conducted in a civil manner, seems to validate the premise and the decision to publish his blog post.

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The Newspaper Guild Joins Visual Arts Source In Its Boycott of Huffinton Post

The Newspaper Guild, representing 26,000 media-workers across the country, will be joining Visual Arts Source publisher Bill Lasarow in his boycott of the Huffington Post. In a statement released last week declaring the boycott, the guild announced, “We feel it is unethical to expect trained and qualified professionals to contribute quality content for nothing. It is unethical to cannibalize the investment of other organizations that bear the cost of compensation and other overhead without payment for the usage of their content. It is extremely unethical to not merely blur but eradicate the distinction between the independent and informed voice of news and opinion and the voice of a shill.”

The guild is asking writers to stop contributing to HuffPo for free and for readers to avoid crossing the “electronic picket line” by visiting the site. Like Lasarow, the guild demands a pay schedule for all bloggers, as well as that “paid promotional material must no longer be posted alongside editorial content.”

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HuffPo Writes To Newspaper Guild’s President, Gets His Name Wrong

The Newspaper Guild recently launched a campaign urging Arianna Huffington to share her $315 million windfall by paying contributors. In the spirit of open dialogue, Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz responded to the campaign with a letter to the Newspaper Guild president. It was good of HuffPo to reach out, except Ruiz inexplicably addressed Guild president Bernie Lunzer as “Bill.”

The HuffPo CC’d Poynter media blogger Jim Romenesko and requested that he publish the letter in its entirety, so we can all see it. Lunzer’s response is included after the jump.

From: Mario Ruiz
Date: Sun, Feb 20, 2011 at 9:43 PM
Subject: huffington post pr reaching out
To: [Bernie Lunzer]

Dear Bill [sic],

As SVP of Media Relations at The Huffington Post, I wanted to reach out to you as we’ve become aware of your campaign targeting HuffPost for being unfair to journalists. We couldn’t agree more with your goal of ensuring journalists are paid for their work. It’s why HuffPost has 143 editors, writers, and reporters on our edit team. But we feel there’s a critical distinction between our editors and reporters and the people who contribute to our group blog.
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Mario Ruiz’s Statement on HuffPo Criticism

Mario Ruiz, SVP of media relations at Huffington Post gave us a statement regarding the critiques from the media about Huffington Post’s business model. Specifically, not paying freelancers.

Ruiz tells FishbowlLA:

The vast majority of our bloggers understand the value of having a platform that reaches a very large audience. People blog on HuffPost for free for the same reason they go on cable TV shows every night for free – because they are passionate about their ideas, want them to be heard by the largest possible audience, and understand the value that that kind of visibility can bring (the visibility of being on HuffPost has led to our bloggers being invited on TV to discuss their posts, to paid speeches, to book deals, to a TV show – Greg Gutfeld claims he was offered his Fox show because of his writing on HuffPost). So why isn’t there an uprising calling for the heads of Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, Bill O’Reilly, Joy Behar, et al? Our bloggers are free to write for HuffPost – or not write for HuffPost. They can write as often as like they like or as little as they like. So, please, enough with the sweatshop and slave ship metaphors – they are ridiculous and offensive.

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