Thanks to the power of Google’s hangout and shared-docs features, Mark Dennis was able throughout his May-December 2012 motorcycle journey across South America to keep up with his LA-based business partner Ben Foster. Together, the pair run Pad Thai Pictures.

There was however one extremely harrowing moment for Dennis. During his travels, which will form the research basis of the duo’s follow-up feature Enduro, things took a literal turn for the worse in Bolivia:

After being hit by a drunk driver in a remote area, Dennis found himself stranded at the bottom of a cliff with a broken wrist, elbow and kneecap. “It was pretty much the exact scenario people warned me about going into that part of the country,” says Dennis. “But with the bad luck came the good and I was bailed out by a young boy riding by on a motorcycle who summoned his father’s pickup to pull me back up the cliff.”

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