Purple tickets are still in the news. Seriously. A week after the swearing-in ceremony, folks that had those tickets, some didn’t get in – some got stuck in a tunnel huffing fumes for an extended period of time, (some people have that going on without a ticket of any color) are still outraged (think whining) about their experience.

WaPo‘s Mary Ann Akers reports:

During yesterday’s late afternoon Facebook session with Gainer, here’s how Hank Bennett of the District of Columbia, a member of the purple tunnel group, proposed compensating the doomed ticket holders:

“I recommend that you work with the President to set up another event at a DC location, like the Verizon Center or the new Nationals Baseball Stadium, where the President Barack Obama stops by and talks to those who had Purple tickets. He would only need to stop by for an hour or two. He could give a speech, shake hands, take photos, etc.”

Bennett asked Gainer to “take this and other ideas to the President personally.”

We were also Purple Ticket holders. It was uncomfortable and crowded. But it wasn’t the New Orleans Superdome. Just because there is someone at the head of government that reads grownup books doesn’t mean that government in all its forms works flawlessly.

Plus for every one Purple Ticket holder there were ten people that would have happily sucked on a little exhaust to be there.