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Look this is LA, we welcome perverts from all partisans. You have money, you just bring your bondage loving cash and you have a place to park your sleazy keister.

The Republican National Committee is tied up in a bit of a controversy about hanging out at a bondage club in WeHo. POLITICO reported over a month ago that RNC Chairman Micheal Steele has been spending twice as much as his predecessors on private planes, lavish dinners and flowers. So this latest spending spree of over $9000 at the Beverly Hills Hotel isn’t really news. What did make a mini-scandal of the day is the Federal Election Commission investigating whether Steele dropped nearly $2000 at the bondage themed club Voyeur.

Steele denies he was there. But someone got reimbursed for “dinner and a show.” And since Heidi Montag is also a regular, maybe its where Christians and Republicans can meet each other in LA.

Note, we are not Vegas and what happens here – gets broadcast.