The name of Michele Elyzabeth Blanchard‘s Sunset Blvd. PR firm, Parapluie Inc., is French for umbrella. Highly appropriate this week as she has  rained down on former client Heather Mills with a stormy set of allegations.

After meeting Mills at a charity event in Beverly Hills, Blanchard worked for Paul McCartney‘s ex from the spring of 2005 through July 2008. Along with $186,000 in unpaid PR bills, Blanchard claims Mills lied about abusive treatment at the hands of McCartney and was otherwise generally erratic. Per the publicist’s Superior Court complaint:

Blanchard (pictured, with Mills) claims she brought an offer to appear on Donald Trump‘s show Celebrity Apprentice, which Mills blew by insisting she be “guaranteed to make the final cut.” When “Mills’ request to be guaranteed the winner was denied,” she offered to be a judge instead, Blanchard says, concluding, “As usual, Mills thwarted plaintiff’s attempts to close deals due to her unreasonable demands and erratic behavior.”

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