Far-flung tech journalists have converged on downtown Los Angeles this week for the Electronic Entertainment Expo (June 11-13). Among this group of E3 journalists is Mike Yawney, a correspondent for Toronto’s CITY-TV who goes by the Twitter handle of @Gadget_Guy.

The big news on Monday’s preview day was the aggressive price point ($399) and advantageous policies of Sony’s PlayStation 4. Yawney has a page set up on the CITY-TV website to showcase his convention floor tweets and at one point, while raving about the Sony press conference live demo of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, he reminded his readers that the game is Canadian-made.

After that particular demo was cut short due to a technical glitch, Sony Computer Entertainment of America president-CEO Jack Tretton told the crowd there are currently 140 games in development for the PS4. A hundred of which will be available in the first year.

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