The devil really is in the details. When a stranger entered the LA home of Eddy Salazar in the spring of 2011 – in broad daylight, the writer and star of the upcoming psychological drama The Insomniac was struck by the intruder’s wardrobe.

“The man was wearing a button-down shirt and pants, dressed as if he was coming home from work,” Salazar tells FishbowlLA. “The cops later told me experienced thieves dress like that to blend in with the neighborhood.”

“That’s one of the angles we explore in The Insomniac,” he continues, referring to the resulting film set to premiere at Hollywood’s Chinese Theatres on June 6 as part of the Dances With Films festival. “Anyone can just waltz into your home and dramatically change your life in one quick second. And it’s usually the more inconspicuous individuals.”

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