Talk about cutting to the bone, CNN is planning on hiring sole individuals in various domestic cities as “all-platform journalists” in “one-person shops,” the cable network announced from its Atlanta heavens today.
The journos will typically carry hand-held cameras, a laptop, an air card, a satellite phone and maybe some lights, according to the CNN VP of Newsgathering Nancy Lane.
CNN wants to hire journalists on the cheap who will be able to piece together stories on the fly that can possibly used on broadcast, radio, Internet or even mobile programming. Hard to say what stop-gap editing measures might be launched, if any in this blog-o-centric world we inhabit.
But the network is hoping to launch these one-stop shops in 10 cities around the country, including Columbus, OH; Denver; Houston; Las Vegas; Minneapolis; Orlando; Philadelphia; Phoenix; Raleigh-Durham, N.C.; and Seattle to counterbalance the 10 traditional U.S. news bureaus.
The only thing missing is the so-called money the cable net is offering.
Some naysayers called it a scam to get college kids to work for free: “Hey Mom, I’m on CNN.”
But CNN VP Lane was clear to say the move was not a cost-saving measure and termed it a “heavy upfront investment.”

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