Folio: magazine, not to be confused with Conde Nast’s money-loser Portfolio, makes some list of magazine world influentials or top folks or something like that:

The 2008 FOLIO: 40
Our annual list of magazine industry influencers and innovators.
Welcome to the 2008 FOLIO: 40—the oldest, most comprehensive and most
distinguished compilation of its kind. As always, we’ve spent the lastyear examining the entire industry, as well as a few markets that
intersect it, for individuals who best represent an increasingly
multifaceted media landscape.

Multifaceted landscape? Like mountains and ditches? Anyway, the Californians who made the list are

Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch, which is a blog, not a magazine.

The Spears Family, without whom magazine editors would be desperate. Fun fact:

A Britney tabloid cover, on average, equals 1.28 million in newsstand sales; OK!’s Jamie Lynn scoop sent the magazine over the million mark for the first time.

Owen Van Natta and Jordan Hoffner, of YouTube, which is also not a magazine. They told magazine editors to give up on their own ideas for social networking:

Your audience already uses Facebook and YouTube and isn’t going to migrate to your site.

Folio: also thinks that Eric Mika, SVP, Publishing Director, The Hollywood Reporter, is someone to watch.

Media Wire Daily called the list a “stroke job”. Nice.

Natalie Zee Drieu, Sr. Editor at Craft, is very happy with her award, which is the right response.