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Murdoch: Newspapers Will Be Digital Within 10 Years

<embed type='application/x-shockwave-flash' src='' id='mediumFlashEmbedded' pluginspage='' bgcolor='#000000' allowScriptAccess='always' allowFullScreen='true' quality='high' name='FOX Business' play='false' scale='noscale' menu='false' salign='LT' scriptAccess='always' wmode='false' height='275' width='305' flashvars='playerId=videolandingpage&playerTemplateId=fullPlayer&categoryTitle=undefined&referralObject=5827911' / align=left hspace=7 vspace=3"News Corp. CEO and chairman Rupert Murdoch stopped by his Fox Business channel yesterday and sat down with Neil Cavuto to discuss the future of the various Fox channels and its interactive business, new News Corp. deputy chair Chase Carey and the state of the world. Murdoch even touched on his feelings about the future of newspapers.

As one of the most powerful media owners in the world, when Rupert talks the future of newspapers, we listen. Some highlights are below.

Murdoch talked about his vision of a digital future for newspapers:

“We think of newspapers in the old fashioned way, printed on crushed wood so to speak. It’s going to be digital. Within 10 years I believe nearly all newspapers will be delivered to you digitally…But if you’ve got a newspaper with a great name and a great reputation and you’re trusted, the people in that community are going to need access to your source of news. What we call newspapers today, I call ‘news organizations’ and ‘journalistic enterprises,’ if you will. They are the source of news. And people will reach it, if its done well, whether they do it on a Blackberry or a Kindle or a PC.”

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Barry Diller On The Writers’ Strike

Diller.JPGIf it’s all the same to you guys, we’re just going to cut and paste this press release from Fox Business Network, so that we don’t have to read Barry Diller’s remarks. It’s early. We’re tired. (And by the way, that’s not our typo. Fox apparently thinks there’s just one writer on the picket line.)

Here you go:


In a broadcast interview with FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto, Barry Diller, CEO of the recently fragmented IAC, talks about the stupidity of the writer’s strike, his interest in AOL and the likelihood of a recession. Excerpts are below.

On the writer’s strike:

“I expect that it will probably be a long strike, which would be unfortunate because I don’t think it makes much sense.I think it’s stupid. I don’t think they should have gone out on strike. Both sides must have really mishandled this one. In order to have gotten to ‘strike moment’ everyone must have screwed up, which makes it difficult to get them back to some sort of sanity.”

“What this strike is about is not revenues from first usage. It’s about revenues from what happens in this digital age, of which right now there are none. What they want to do is strike so they’re protected for the future. The problem with that is right now it’s a future that no one can figure out. What they should have done is say, we’re going to take the next five year period — we want to know where all of these revenues are coming from. We want to freeze this area until we can understand the revenues, which aren’t going to develop for another few years. There are no profits for the work that writers do that is then digitized and distributed through the Internet.”

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Fox Finally Announces Biz News Channel

In an interview earlier today, Rupert Murdoch wouldn’t give details about the forthcoming business channel launch because “everything we do, CNBC will copy.” Here are some:

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2007 — News Corporation will launch a business cable network scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of 2007, announced Rupert Murdoch, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the company. Roger Ailes, Chairman and CEO, FOX News and Chairman, FOX Television Stations will develop and oversee the new venture, which is currently named FOX Business Channel.

Presently, FOX Business Channel has 30 million subscribers under contract after securing distribution agreements with multiple cable operators, including: Time Warner; Comcast; Charter, and Direct TV. The network, which will be housed at News Corporation headquarters in midtown Manhattan, is expected to launch in major markets across the country, including the world’s financial capital — New York — where it will be seen on expanded basic cable.

In making the announcement, Murdoch said, “We have long considered the business television market to be underserved. Having built FOX News into a cable news leader and a cultural phenomenon against all expectations, I’m confident that Roger Ailes and his team can do the same in business news. I look forward to introducing new competition and a new voice to the business news arena.”

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Fox News Books ‘Hooters Hotties’ For Roundtable Discussion


Yesterday on Neil Cavuto (or CavHOOTo, as dubbed by Eat The Press’ Rachel Sklar) a roundtable discussion with a trio of Hooters girls.


It makes sense, though: We only watch Fox News for the wings.

  • Your World With Neil Cav-Hoot-O [ETP]