Nick Canepa (pictured) has been with U-T San Diego and the paper’s previous incarnation since 1977 and on board as a full-time sportswriter since the 1984 LA Summer Olympics. In other words, this guy knows how to fashion a solid lede:

A certain Los Angeles Times columnist who shall remain nameless (T.J. Simers) has written he has a hunch the Chargers will be in LA by March. That T.J., what a cutup. He’s a master at getting you to pull his finger. In this case, though, he may be right — if all the Chargers attend a Lakers game.

Ha ha. The above first paragraph frames Canepa’s evaluation of what AEG’s impending sale might mean for the prospects of an NFL team returning to Los Angeles. A Chargers rep laughs off Simer’s intuitive abilities, while Canepa quickly expands the scope of his derision to the City of Angles.

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