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Job Ad of the Day: Las Vegas Review-Journal Crime Reporter

The subject line – “The Best Crime Beat Ever” – is a bit of a stretch, because it suggests that we’re not just talking present tense but reaching all the way back to Jack the Ripper newspaper days. However, the body text more than makes up for it.

From today’s announcement that Las Vegas Review-Journal deputy editor James G. Wright is on the hunt for a new “Dashiell Hammett on deadline:”

An aggressive mug who can think at a dead run in a 24-hour news town where maybe you’re coaxing quotes from the neighbors at a triple murder and next thing you know you’re chasing after Paris Hilton in handcuffs. A pushy sort who can turn cab drivers and waitresses into sources, and persuade tough cops to spill.

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OC Couple’s Cell Phone is So Money

GMARemember all that business in Swingers about the (310) vs. (818)? Well, it’s been wonderfully and accidentally updated thanks to a couple that moved at the beginning of the year from Cleveland to the OC.

A wacky cell phone adventure involving Bob Gray and his girlfriend Liza Foster is now deservedly making the media rounds. After Gray inherited the 310 digits of writer-comedian Nick Swardson, this pair was able to make the Paris Hilton 2011 birthday party invite list and connect with various other show business folk.  They are currently turning their one-degree-of-separation experiences into a movie script on the advice of Swardson pal Adam Sandler, who called in one day looking for the previous cell number owner.

You will rarely hear off-camera crew members of a morning TV show laugh as heartily as they do in the GMA footage when Gray gleefully recounts his exchange with the gatekeepers of the aforementioned Hilton party. (“Park it!”)

Fabulous stuff.

Roy Firestone Debuts on KCET with Look at Tabloid Media

As big fans of Roy Firestone, FishbowlLA has already set its DVR for KCET tonight. At 8:30 p.m, the veteran TV personality and great mimic will add the channel to his repertoire with the first of several half-hour specials bannered as L.A. Tonight with Roy Firestone.

His opening focus, discussed with TMZ’s Havey Levin, Steve Edwards of Good Day LA, and defense attorney Mark Geragos could not be more topical. It’s all about today’s online tabloids. From the show notes:

The group discusses the evolution, ethics, and drivers behind today’s sensational celebrity-driven news climate and explores if Hollywood has taken over substantive issues in today’s headlines. During the episode, Edwards notes, “There are no gatekeepers anymore. There are no gates anymore.” Levin remarks at one point: “I’m just tired of Paris Hilton. I’m tired of the same old, same old stories. I’m interested in strategic things about Hollywood.”

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Paris Hilton Gets Last Merchandising Laugh

In keeping with the Hollywood studio lots she once frequented, Paris Hilton currently reaps the majority of her lucrative brand endorsement revenues from international markets. So much so that her manager Jamie Freed, who handles all incoming offers, tells Variety writer Kathy A. McDonald that he turns down on Hilton’s behalf anywhere from 12 to 20 entreaties. Per day.

Among recently rejected offers was a pitch for Paris Hilton branded canned beans. But there’s still plenty of merchandise to stock the shelves of the 30-year-old mogul’s stores in close to three dozen countries:

“Paris is extremely involved in all aspects from product trending to development to marketing,” says Dan Levin, managing director of the LA offices of Beanstalk, Hilton’s licensing agency. Beanstalk is owned by global giant Omnicom. “Nothing goes out there without her approval.”

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Former Bravo Reality Star Doing Just Fine

Must be nice. In an interview with Hollywood Patch, Chad Rogers (pictured), realtor and former co-star of the Bravo reality series Million Dollar Listing, says that not only is the seven-million-dollar-plus housing market in the Hollywood Hills still red hot, but that buyers typically buy these properties sight unseen.

Rogers has been with Hilton & Hyland in Beverly Hills since 2002 and is coming off a banner commission year. He explains that in addition to wanting to refocus on his real estate career, there was another reason he voluntarily left the Bravo show:

“The majority of my clients didn’t want to be on TV. Let’s face it, you do exploit your clients on a reality show and the type of people I deal with value their privacy.”

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Stop the Presses: Paris Hilton Has a New iPhone App

It’s hard for a former A-list Hollywood party girl to stay in the media forefront when competing with three Kardashians (on the cover of this week’s hard copy Hollywood Reporter), three Lohans (TMZ’s current default go-to goofballs), and one Bieber.

But Paris Hilton is doing her best today with a press release trumpeting her new $2.99 iPhone app. Strangely, there is no feature showcasing her favorite Bible verses; instead, purchasers will get to interact with such widgets as:

BFF: Fans can easily insert Paris into any of their photos, which can be saved, e-mailed and shared with friends on Twitter and Facebook.

Paris Playlist: Paris will frequently share her favorite songs, TV shows and movies and link users to iTunes to instantly download.

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Whoopi Goldberg Apologizes to The Times

Remember a few days ago when Whoopi Goldberg ranted about a New York Times article that she and the cast of The View obviously misread? Well today she apologized to the paper:

I said that I felt the reporting was shoddy and for that I’m going to apologize, OK? I personally found the article really confusing, and as I said, I was also quite hurt that Cuba Gooding Jr., Louis Gossett Jr., and myself were not included in this expose about black Hollywood. But for saying it was shoddy reporting, I apologize, New York Times.

Very nicely done by Goldberg.

Now that the mega feud (you heard us – MEGA FEUD) is over, we can get back to our lives. Or… We could talk about how Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have ended their MEGA FEUD as well. OMG girlfriend!

Eric Roberts’ Multiple Media Roles

There’s very little vanity left in the career of Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts. These days, he’s willing to try his hand at pretty much anything, having learned that you just never know what might work.

There’s the role of “American Producer” in the Estonian made 2010 comedy Reality Star, where he plays an LA industry mastermind hired to goose up the ratings of a TV network in that country. His solution? Manufacture a faux, Paris Hilton sex tape style scandal on behalf of one of the channel’s stars.

Currently, Roberts is in Nashville shooting the independent drama Deadline, in which he plays Ronnie Bullock, a grizzled reporter at the fictitious Nashville Times. His role is also that of mentor to a younger journalist (Steve Talley) looking into a decades-old unsolved murder. The movie is based on the book Grievances by former Charlotte Observer journalist Mark Ethridge.

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Producer of Lindsay Lohan-Inspired Film Tries To Avoid Getting Sued

Sure enough, Lindsay Lohan‘s people are not happy to hear about an unauthorized film based on the life of the troubled actress. Producer and screenwriter Charles Casillo generated plenty of buzz for his movie project Dogs in Pocketbooks when he told NY Post‘s Page Six it was based on the life of LiLo — but he also opened himself up to lawsuits. TMZ reports that the Lohan camp is considering legal action. Says Lohan’s family lawyer Stephanie Ovadia, “They are again using her likeness without her being compensated. Not only that but they are advertising the fact that they are using her likeness.”

Casillo attempted a little damage control, telling TMZ that the lead role is actually a composite of troubled young Hollywood starlets – Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, and Marilyn Monroe were all named.

That probably won’t help much, since Casillo told Page Six the film’s lead character was “a role obviously based on Lindsay Lohan.” Besides, anyone who mentions Marilyn Monroe in the same breath as Paris Hilton and Britney Spears deserves to get sued.

That publishing heir Lydia Hearst Shaw was cast as the film’s lead would have generated plenty of press on its own, making Casillo’s decision to stir up the LiLo hornet’s nest all the more baffling.

‘Page Six’ Editor Richard Johnson Is Leaving the New York Post for Los Angeles

Yet another prominent old media icon is heading online. Feared New York Post gossip columnist Richard Johnson, who has edited the Post’s “Page Six”for the past 25 years, is leaving the Post and heading to Los Angeles. Johnson is moving west to head up a new digital venture for News Corp., the Post’s parent company run by Rupert Murdoch.

As Politico’s Ben Smith notes: “Johnson’s departure from the tabloid is a huge blow to the Post, and suggests that the company is willing to poach from its vibrant, money-losing tabloid for the new digital site.”

In the same piece, Smith also reminds us Johnson “has the dubious distinction of having essentially created Paris Hilton.”

Hooray! Just imagine the fame-hungry socialites he can dig up in LA! Pseudo-celebrity sex tapes here we come! Welcome Mr. Johnson…er…Richard Johnson that is.