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LAT In 90 Seconds

34220101-11185631.jpgMadonna, Mellencamp Inducted: Yep. It was an all-80s dance party. Madonna thanked all the people who said she was a talentless one-hit wonder. To which, we believe, John Mellencamp muttered under his breath, “You’re welcome.”

36603784-10140815.jpgCopy Editors RIP: We enjoyed Patrick Goldstein’s column today, but we’ve got a quibble with the subhead: “With the demise of New Line’s Bob Shaye, is the last of the old guard being pushed aside?” It took us three graphs before we realized we weren’t reading an obit.

36609710-11092929.jpgThe Debut of Hulu: the joint News Corp.-NBC Universal answer to YouTube, makes its public debut today. Whopee.

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LAT In 90 Seconds

35512960.jpgThriller Turns 25: We’d make a joke here about how it’s now too old to hold any interest for Michael Jackson, but that’s sick and twisted and we wouldn’t do something like that. Instead, enjoy the LAT’s picture-book as well as a few fun facts about the groundbreaking album/video.

35516622.jpgHow Full Is Your Inbox Today, Patrick? We were happily reading Patrick Goldstein’s post-mort of the winners and losers of the WGA strike, when we got to an item about one particularly unhinged player who loves to fill e-mail inboxes with bat-shit insane vitriol, and we had to wonder… what was he thinking including this person on his list? Maybe he has a good spam filter.

35512556-11153546.jpgGoing After The One Ring: The London-based Tolkien Trust sued New Line Cinema Corp. on for allegedly cheating it out of at least $150 million from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

LAT In 90 Seconds

juliavvstrike.jpgOld Christine, New T-Shirt: From the blogs, Julia Louis-Dreyfus joined her writer hubby on the picket line. The New Adventures of Old Christine show-runner Kari Lizer said she shut down production on the show so the actress wouldn’t have to make any awkward moral choices — just bad wardrobe ones.

33646575.jpgLeave It To Beaver: The LAT seems tickled to find raunchy/violent rap stars showing off their “softer sides” for TV. Apparently Greg Braxton has forgotten that everyone from Salt-N-Pepa to Snoop Dogg is an entertainer. And entertainers are hell-bent on giving the audience what they want. The new faces of gansta thugs says way more about society than it does about Flavor Flav.

33648553.jpgToo Much Of A Good Thing: If you don’t feel like reading Patrick Goldstein’s column, we’ll summarize it for you: Too Much Money Going Into “Art House” Movies + Good Television = Bad Box Office Returns. You’re welcome.

LA Observed Runs Patrick Goldstein’s Killed Column

dirtylaundry.jpgPatrick Goldstein’s Big Picture column for today was killed after he suggested the LAT make a pact with recording artists to give away scads of free CDs (a la Britain’s Mail on Sunday).

Newspapers, as you may have heard, are in deep doo-doo. While the Times still is a profitable business, our revenue was down 10% in the second quarter while our cash flow was down, as our publisher put it the other day, a “whopping 27%, making it one of the worst quarters ever experienced.” Times are so hard at the Times that the publisher has proposed putting ads on the front page to generate new revenue.

So far we’ve made little headway developing imaginative strategies to bring back lost readers … The record business has been just as slow to provide fans online with new, convenient ways to hear music… That’s where the newspaper comes in. As the Mail on Sunday has shown, newspapers remain a formidable distribution machine. My paper has roughly 1.1 million Sunday subscribers and generates 65 million page views each month. If you’re a heritage artist looking for exposure with an audience that might appreciate your work and has proven by reading a newspaper that it’s curious about the outside world, what could be a better starting point than the Times?”

It’s a wonderful idea, Patrick, one that would have been great addition to a memo to management. But trust us, we’ve had enough spiked columns to know that this kind of musing is the stuff of blogs, not columns.

When it comes to themselves, we doubt your bosses truly want the Big Picture.

UPDATE: A reader suggests Patrick Goldstein might have a future at the New York Post.

UPDATE: Nikki Finke has Goldstein’s statement:

Obviously no columnist is ever very happy about having their column killed. But I’m much more disappointed that the column that was killed was full of ideas about how to help my newspaper. I love working at a newspaper, especially this one, but if we don’t start embracing change in a big way, there won’t be great jobs like the one I have much longer. I’m constantly writing about how all the studios and big media companies are radically reinventing themselves. It’s time we did the same.