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Porno Producer, Who Got Slapped by Washington Mutual, Is Loving the Bank’s Oh So Public Failure

Nick BoyiasBoyias.jpg, succesful producer of the coming-of-age Sony Classics title “Quinceanera” as well as a slew of not so rosy porn titles, is loving as he watches Washington Mutual go through what the New York Times calls the biggest banking meltdown in U.S. history.

Boyias, whose San Fernando Valley porn business carried a 700-plus FICO credit rating and did million-dollar deals for his profitable porno titles through Wash Mutual, was inexplicably denied a credit extension by the bank.
According to Boyias, Washington Mutual claimed it didn’t like to deal with people “in his business.”

“I had excellent credit, good personal tax returns and a credit line,” Boyias told FBLA. “I went to Washington Mutual, which did commercial banking, and I had a small credit line. Then they turned me down for an extension because I’m in the adult entertainment industry.boys.jpg

“I was turned down for a business credit line because they said they wouldn’t loan to my industry,” he continued. “I sell a product that brings a lot of joy to people. They’re being hypocritical.”

Former porn star and current private eye Paul Barresi summed it up like this:

“Nick Boyias is an adult movie manufacturer and distributor who is as honest as they come. He is a Greek born, hard working family man, who puts God, family and country before anything else. WAMU’s got some nerve telling Nick he’s in an unfavorable industry so therefore can’t offer him a line of credit. Here’s a bank that has a CEO on the job for not even a month, then kicks him to the curb, but not before awarding him with a $20,000,000 severance package. And then there is hard working, patriotic, tax paying Nick Boyias, with an impeccable FICO score, and he can’t get a line of credit? Not WAMU or any of these failed banks got any room to judge or play high and mighty. When they fall on hard time, good ole Uncle Sam comes to the rescue. But guys like Nick got no place to go. It’s Un-American stuff like this that makes a man feel not so proud to be an American. This country is falling flat on its ass and it’s a damn shame.”

A Washington Mutual rep would not comment on assertions from Boyias or Barresi. But you certainly wouldn’t blame Boyias if he was caught paraphrasing WAMU’s obnoxious commercials: “WAAAAAAAAA MUUUUUUUUU, YOU MFs.”

Investigator Barresi Opens Up on Hollywood

barresi3.jpgPaul Barresi is a former porn star turned private eye who has worked on Hollywood cases involving Michael Jackson, Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barry Bonds, among other celebrities.

Barresi, who formerly worked for private detective Anthony Pellicano, was interested in commenting on Pellicano’s pending sentence for illegal wiretapping. Now working for Backstreet Investigations, he had plenty of other things to say about other Hollywood types what goes on behind the closed doors in an interview with FBLA.

FBLA: How long did you work for Anthony Pellicano.

Barresi: Off and on for almost ten years.

FBLA: Pellicano dealt with a lot of high profile Hollywood cases. Did you assist him with any involving celebrity?

Barresi: Yes, starting in 1993, with Michael Jackson and ending, on the day of his arrest, with a fire we were putting out for Tom Cruise.

FBLA: And in between?

Barresi: Let’s see, in between, there was Eddie Murphy, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barry Bonds, to name a few.

FBLA: What did you do on Schwarzenegger?

Barresi: Searched for the names and addresses of his detractors. Anyone who may want to harm him, should he run for office.

FBLA: This was obviously before he was Governor.

Barresi: Yes.

FBLA: Did you make a list?

Barresi: A mile long.

FBLA: And, Stallone?

Barresi: I’m not at liberty to talk about that one.

FBLA: How about, Barry Bonds?

Barresi: The same song you always hear in Hollywood, but sung to a different tune. Some gold digger tried to shake him down by claiming that she was carrying his baby. It turned out not to be true.

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Paul Barresi Did Work for Tom Cruise — Once

Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi wants one thing on the record. Though he wasn’t working for Tom Cruise or the Church of Scientology when he sent documentation to to the New York Daily News about the $250 million anti-scientology lawsuit, he has helped Cruise for certain issues in the past.

P.I. Paul Barresi Takes On Scientology

Paul Barresi.jpg
Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi, the former porn star who later worked for jailed gumshoe Anthony Pellicano, has become mired in the anti-Scientology, anti-Tom Cruise.jpg
Tom Cruise
craze that has been feuled by the $250 million lawsuit against the Church.
Barresi provided documents for the New York Daily News last week that helped show how Peter Letterese had been complicit in the suit, but Barresi was clearly on the record when he denied having any relationship or doing any work for Cruise.
He also had his own outright denial about any link to Cruise:

“The freedoms we enjoy in the United States are both a wonderful and a dangerous thing. Scientology represents the latter.

In 1987, Tom Cruise found himself caught up in an eerie citadel, spun around him by one of Scientology’s most loyal member’s, Mimi Rogers, and in my view, he has been nothing more than a puppet on a string ever since.

Contrary to what most think, Cruise does not make a move without the approval of his handler. He can’t wipe his own rear end without first getting permission from those who have control over him. Even his attorney Burt Fields has his hands tied.

Rest assured, the Scientology makes all decision having to do with Cruise’s personal and professional life.

Short of kidnapping him and deprogramming him, like an addict riddled with cocaine, there is no hope.

Sadly, unless there is some divine intervention, in my opinion, Cruise will be los t in shallow and in misery for the rest of his life.

With regard to my handing the lawsuit documents over to the New York Daily News, I merely wanted to point out that Cruise’s name tacked on to a law suit, gets peoples attention. Fact is, he is not one of the ring leaders. He is nothing more than a “yes man” who does what he is told — period.”