Paul LaRosa is a longtime producer at CBS News, having transitioned to electronic media following a long stint at the New York Daily News. Before that LaRosa, the lifelong New Yorker, attended Fordham University. But his career was shaped even earlier growing up in the Monroe Housing Projects in the Bronx. LaRosa went to Blessed Sacrament for grade school at the same time as future Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. One year her senior, LaRosa didn’t know Sotomayor, who lived at a neighboring housing project.

LaRosa, 58, has recalled his many personal experiences in a fascinating memoir, Leaving Story Avenue by Park Slope Publishing, released April 18th.

“It was such an amazing time–the late 1970s in New York–it was just before computers came into being,” LaRosa tells FishbowlNY.

LaRosa writes intensively about his 16 years at the News.

“It was the end of the Front Page era because people would drink at their desks, everybody smoked,” LaRosa says. “It was no big deal to spend hours at Louie’s [bar behind the Daily News building]…It was still like an old Humphrey Bogart movie.”

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