Here’s a strange story courtesy of animal advocacy correspondent Penny Tilton.* According to her report, Shannon Keith, president of LA non-profit Animal Rescue, Media & Education (ARME), ran into trouble Monday with the folks at KTLA Morning News when she showed up with a pit bull for a scheduled on-air segment about animal adoption. It may seem well within the station’s rights to tell a guest that only the (other) non-pit bull dog could be admitted into the studio. But Keith argues it’s against the law and is now asking people to send in protest emails and boycott the program:

Prior to the show, ARME disclosed a full description of the dogs to be aired. “When we arrived, one of the show producers came out, looked at Franklyn and said, “Oh no. We have an anti-pit bull policy,” Keith said. “I calmly told her that we were not informed of this, and had we been, we would have cancelled our appearance as breed discrimination is not something I tolerate, and more so, is against public policy.”

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