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Scientology Plaintiff Recasts Hubbard, Miscavige as Bond Villains

Five years after FishbowlLA first wrote about it, the legal crusade by Florida-based litigant Peter Letterese against the Church of Scientology continues. When Letterese recently reached out to us once more, he used an analogy that – regardless of the merits of his various complaints – lingered.

“In numerous places within his own writing, L. Ron Hubbard openly wrote about being a big Ian Fleming fan,” Letterese explained via email. “Every bit as dangerous as the Nazis, who used tanks, guns and ships to “conquer,” Hubbard, who didn’t have the financial resources for all that, created his own SPECTRE.”

In other words, Letterese is drawing a line from real-life USSR organization SMERSH and Fleming’s book-inspired version SPECTRE (SPecial Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion) to the idea that Hubbard was the equivalent of Ernst Stavro Blofeld and David Miscavige, ostensibly, Ernst Blofeld Jr. The current leader of the Church of Scientology does not have a white Persian cat, but as Janet Reitman‘s 2011 book about the non-profit religion alleged, he has owned dogs that come pretty close:

Miscavige would arrive flanked by his wife and Lou Stuckenbrock, a retinue of aides and, often, his beagles. He had five dogs, two of which, Jelly and Safi, wore tiny blue sweaters with commander’s bars. Miscavige was known to make his staffers salute the dogs, who held ranks higher than those of many people on the base.

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Tom Cruise and Scientology Recruit Federal Judge: Florida Source

tcruise222.jpgPeter Letterese‘s ongoing battle with the Church of Scientology and poster boy Tom Cruise is coming to a head with the allegations flying in both directions.

A Florida-based legal source, who loves to gossip about it, but is unwilling to reveal even his name, has this to say about the skirmish:

Federal Bankruptcy Judge John K. Olson in Florida seems to have “become a Scientologist,” whether he knows it or not.

An appeal filed Thursday in Ft. Lauderdale Federal Bankruptcy Court says that Judge Olson has defied long-standing statutes and nearly a dozen precedents in federal bankruptcy decisions that ultimately help Scientology.

scientology.jpgAccording to many who have managed to escape the controversial cult what Scientology “does” to people in an earlier era, would be referred to as hypnotic brainwashing. And, here Cruise and Scientology seem to have perfected how to do it to an otherwise trusted and respected Federal jurist through a Miami Law Firm, Adorno & Yoss.

More below:

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Letterese Never Says Die re: Scientology and Cruise

cruise4.jpgPeter Letterese, who filed a $265 million lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and Tom Cruise, just won’t let the Scientols alone.

Now, he’s offering to reimburse (press release here) anyone as much as $100 million (out of his lawsuit settlement) who feels Scientology stole from them or even misled them.

“I have been thinking for some time…concerning thousands and thousands, perhaps millions of people who have stated that they severely regret having placed their trust in (L. Ron) Hubbard and Scientology only to have been…both lied to as well as defrauded by Scientology across the world over many decadeds,” Letterese railed.

The ex-Scientologist wants to make whatever earnings he may glean from the Church available to reimburse “lost savings or college funds, to rescue overstressed mortgages or help rectify any other financial crisis which their ‘investment’ in Scientology may have or contributed to.”

Nobody is quite convinced that Letterese will win in court, but if he does, it may be party central in Florida.

He includes his personal email in case you’re interested:

Scientology Takes Off Kid Gloves Against Ex-Sciento Guy

Taking off the kid gloves, Scientology lawyers put as much pressure as a quasi-church can create on a Florida judge to attempt to quash a $265 million lawsuit brought by ex-Scientologist Peter Letterese that names the church and film star Tom Cruise as complicit.cruise3.jpg

The Church, repped by attorney Allen Perlman and federal bankruptcy trustee attorney John Genovese, started by trying on Wednesday to appeal to federal Judge John K. Olson to strip Letterese of his longtime attorney, Charles Franken.

In his ruling on Scientology’s brief, Judge Olson claimed that Franken’s presence in the case would hurt Letterese’s company and should therefore be dismissed. Letterese contends that Judge Olson did not allege that any law nor any professional codes of ethics had been broken by Franken.

Though Letterese has contended that Cruise is running the church’s interest alongside Church leader David Miscavige, he cites documents that Scientology distributed that apparently did not deny Letterese’s contention. Letterese takes that as proof positive that Cruise is in charge of the worldwide operation.

Scientology reps could not be reached to comment on Letterese’s assertions.

EXCLUSIVE: Scientology Legal Responds — And They’re Not Happy

Unbelievably well-financed lawyers from Scientology have given their best shot at Peter Letterese, the former Scientologist who filed a quarter-billion-dollar lawsuit (yes, that’s billion) against the august church and its poster boy Tom Cruisecruise2.jpg. (To see Cruise get wacky on Oprah!, click on his name.)

Scientology lawyer Elliot J. Abelson issued a press release Oct 29 denouncing Letterese’s recent filing — in which he alleges a federal judge, state judge and a bankruptcy trustee took bribes.

“In his (Letterese’s) years of litigation against Scientology, he has never won anything.” Abelson railed.

However, attorney Graham Berry, who has been battling the Church for years, tells us that while the outcome of Letterese’s law suits remain to be seen, it could be considered “a small victory.”

Although Mr. Letterese is no longer a member of the cult, it appears he’s emulating grand poobah L. Ron Hubbard’s dictum, which went: “The purpose of [the] [any] lawsuit is to harass and discourage rather than to win. The law can be used very easily to harass, and enough harassment…will generally be sufficient to cause professional decease, if possible, of course, ruin him utterly.”

A week after filing his amended complaint, Letterese filed seven separate new motions in Federal court which detail over two dozen acts of prejudice, Federal-statute-violations, clear bias, and serially improper and illegal acts by a federal Judge, a federal Bankruptcy Trustee, her counsel and Scientology’s lawyers. He’s requesting removal of all who acted improperly.

See Abelson’s handiwork below:

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EXCLUSIVE: Tom Cruise and Scientology Sued Again for $265 Million

Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology are the targets of an amended Florida lawsuit that seeks more than a quarter of a billion dollars, FBLA has learnedtom-cruise-2.jpg.

Ex-Scientologist Peter Letterese, using the RICO statute against the Church of Scientology, originally sought $250,000,000 in a suit filed in July. In the amended suit, filed Oct. 24, he added another $15 million to the total.

In court papers obtained by FBLA, Letterese leveled serious charges against Cruise and the Church. He claimed that Cruise and Scientology bribed and improperly influenced a federal judge, a Florida state judge and a federal bankruptcy trustee to tie up his original law suit in bankruptcy court.

Cruise could not be reached for comment and the Church of Scientology did not return phone calls. (Click here to see Tom Cruise discuss Scientology.)

“Letterese’s lawyers are really putting a lot on the line,
potentially their careers, accusing federal and state judges of taking pay offs,” said Los Angeles private eye Paul Barresi, who had done some work for Cruise in the past.

“Without compelling proof to support these scurrilous allegations, like video of the judges being handed envelopes stuffed with cash, I think Letterese stands a better chance of successfully bouncing down a flight of stairs on his head than he has of winning this law suit,” Barresi added.

P.I. Paul Barresi Takes On Scientology

Paul Barresi.jpg
Hollywood private eye Paul Barresi, the former porn star who later worked for jailed gumshoe Anthony Pellicano, has become mired in the anti-Scientology, anti-Tom Cruise.jpg
Tom Cruise
craze that has been feuled by the $250 million lawsuit against the Church.
Barresi provided documents for the New York Daily News last week that helped show how Peter Letterese had been complicit in the suit, but Barresi was clearly on the record when he denied having any relationship or doing any work for Cruise.
He also had his own outright denial about any link to Cruise:

“The freedoms we enjoy in the United States are both a wonderful and a dangerous thing. Scientology represents the latter.

In 1987, Tom Cruise found himself caught up in an eerie citadel, spun around him by one of Scientology’s most loyal member’s, Mimi Rogers, and in my view, he has been nothing more than a puppet on a string ever since.

Contrary to what most think, Cruise does not make a move without the approval of his handler. He can’t wipe his own rear end without first getting permission from those who have control over him. Even his attorney Burt Fields has his hands tied.

Rest assured, the Scientology makes all decision having to do with Cruise’s personal and professional life.

Short of kidnapping him and deprogramming him, like an addict riddled with cocaine, there is no hope.

Sadly, unless there is some divine intervention, in my opinion, Cruise will be los t in shallow and in misery for the rest of his life.

With regard to my handing the lawsuit documents over to the New York Daily News, I merely wanted to point out that Cruise’s name tacked on to a law suit, gets peoples attention. Fact is, he is not one of the ring leaders. He is nothing more than a “yes man” who does what he is told — period.”

Tom Can’t Cruise Away from Scientology

Cruisephoto.jpgTom Cruise, ever the crusader for Scientological aims, is one of the targets in a new $250 million lawsuit against the “Church” filed in Florida this month. The suit involves Peter Letterese, a long-time critic of the church and names Cruise as being involved in a systematic harassment on him by members of the church, which included phone calls to Letterese’s wife from a man claiming to be a homosexual lover of her husband, according to the New York Daily News.

Letterese calls the church a “crime syndicate” and wants it broken up under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization law, just as the feds have broken up Mafia families.

He singles out Cruise, who’s made no secret of his religion, saying that Scientology head David Miscavage is “aided and abetted by the actions of Tom Cruise, his right-hand man for foreign and domestic promotion, as well as for foreign and domestic lobbying. He has assisted the syndicate in acquiring funds and [made] his own donations of money believed to be in the multiple tens of millions of dollars.”

One of Letterese’s beefs is that the church allegedly uses a business book, “Effective Sales Closing Techniques,” as part of its teachings. He says this violates his intellectual property rights, since he bought the rights to the book from the widow of author Leslie Dane.

Cruise’s lawyer, Bert Fields, did not respond to an e-mail requesting comment.

Karin Pouw, a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology, told us: “This is a frivolous suit based on falsehoods.”

Meanwhile, Hollywood private eye Paul Baressi, who has investigated problems for Arnold Schwarzenegger, Eddie Murphy and now Cruise has taken up the cause defending the “Mission Impossible” star. Baressi, a former investigative associate of jailed private eye Anthony Pellicano, claims that Letterese “is just including a celebrity name to get attention.”