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Vanity Fair Columnist, Prolific Author Dominick Dunne Dies

dunne.jpgSadly, news that journalist and author Dominick Dunne had died last night has been eclipsed by the story of Sen. Edward Kennedy‘s passing.

However, having just learned of Dunne’s death, we thought it only right to pay tribute to him here. Dunne’s Vanity Fair column, which focused on the glamorous and seedy parts of celebrity, including the high profile trials of OJ Simpson, the Menendez brothers and Phil Spector, was always our favorite thing to read in the glossy society mag.

According to the Associated Press, Dunne, who was 83, had battled bladder cancer for some time. He had traveled to places like Germany, the Dominican Republic and Bavaria for different cancer treatments — even claiming that he was at the same clinic as Farrah Fawcett in Bavaria, although they did not cross paths.

Update: broke news of Dunne’s cancer in March 2008. “I’m undergoing treatments now,” Dunne said at the time. “I’ve got cancer of the bladder — urinary tract — not very attractive…I just knew there was something wrong. I came back and they found this. I’ve taken the first of six treatments and then I go in the hospital and they go in and see how much they got.”

Dunne started his career in television and film, and only started writing at age 50 after being run out of Hollywood. He started by writing novels, including “The Two Mrs. Grenvilles.” He started to write for Vanity Fair in the 1980′s after meeting Tina Brown at a dinner party. He started his gig by covering the trial of the former boyfriend accused of killing his daughter Dominique, John Sweeney.

His work for Vanity Fair and his many books are his legacy. He will be missed.

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via the AP

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Phil Spector is Wigging Out Right About Now


Phil Spector was found guilty in the death of Lana Clarkson.

Yep. We’ve been waiting to use that headline for weeks. Just waiting.

Full LAT scoop is here.

Sundown on Sunset: Heaven or Hell

43 - Hollywood Hills - Los Angeles - California.jpg

Halo 3 might make a profit.

Tyra Banks takes a stand and declares Cycle 9 of ANTM a no-smoking zone. It’s more fun when everyone goes through withdrawal. Unlike the real world.

Indiana Jones
is shooting right now, in Downey.

Phil Spector is free and the jury foreman is a neighbor; Joe Francis is in jail.

(photo by Anders Brownworth)

LAT In 90 Seconds

32820992.jpgMoney Can’t Buy You Everything: Except when it can. Henry Weinstein’s analysis of the Phil Spector jury deadlock says Spector’s freedom came down to cash: He had so much of it, he could hire enough experts to dazzle at least two jurors into a mistrial-inducing stupor.

mini_britney.jpgReason Newspapers Should Not Post Reader Comments Online No. 4367: Following a Richard Abowitz post about dueling little people performers who each pose as a mini Britney Spears, reader Cindy Haas contributed this thought: Hello: I would just like to say, how could anybody with brain cells, think Iraq is the greatest country in the world, when it is clearly not, and in fact, it is a terrorist haven ok? It is one of the poorest, illeterate and angry and repressed countries in the world, ok? Thanks Cindy H. No, thank you, Cindy H.

32827252.jpgLAT Goes “Queer Eye” On Local Blogger: This Cyndia Zwahlen piece, shines a happy free-advertising light on Chill Out LA, and then has experts comment on how blogger Erin Mahoney-Harris can take her site “to the next level.” Hint No.1: Get the LAT to write about you.

Dunne Readies Memoir

He’s got his hands full with the Phil Spector trial right about now, but Dominick Dunne is already looking ahead to his next project.

FBLA recently ran into the infamous writer at the Chateau Marmont during a book party for fashion scribe Dana Thomas (in town celebrating the release of her Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster). And he gave us the run-down on his post-Spector projects.

First, he’s set to finish the crime novel, The Solo Act, which he’s talked about before and “it’s almost finished.” Then, he’ll turn the typewriter towards himself. Dunne said he will then write a memoir “the minute I finish” Solo Act.

“I’ve had a zelig-like life,” he told FBLA. “I’ve been everywhere where something happened and I have a good story to tell.” That, he does.


Dominick Dunne Asked Anthony Pellicano for a Favor


Dominick Dunne’s been in town for the Phil Spector trial, staying at the Chateau Marmont. Kim Masters somehow ran him to ground met him at a Morons’ gathering and got him to spill his own story of revenge. Dunne wasn’t content to just track John Sweeney, the sleazeball who murdered Domininque Dunne in 1982; he had a plan:

He reached out to Pellicano–who was then not at all the famous character that he became–to help him put a contract out on Sweeney’s life.

Dunne says that Pellicano talked him out of it, but tracked the guy around for a while for a fee, and then when Dunne’s earnings dipped, offered to keep an eye on the jerk for free.

Gradually, Dunne’s violent feelings of grief faded, and Pellicano got into troubles of his own.

Sweeney’s changed his name to John Maura and Dunne is to be commended for his restraint.

FBLA, if the need should ever arise, is more likely to pull an Ellie Nessler.

(photo from <a href="dunne.jpgNew England Times)

LAT In 90 Seconds

Ugly Mess: Defense testimony in the Phil Spector murder trial ended Monday with attorneys trying to convince jurors that actress Lana Clarkson killed herself, and stylists trying to convince Spector to try a leave-in conditioner.

32145776.jpgOwen Wilson Hospitalized: Apparently for attempting to commit suicide. The LAT story largely quotes from People magazine’s piece, which, in turn, leans heavily on Extra. So for all we know, Wilson could be in the Bahamas and this could all be an elaborate game of telephone.

photo-latimes-chmielewski.jpgDid China Eat The Dawn? A Dawn C. Chmielewski piece about Yahoo’s dealings in China bears the byline C. Chmielewski (at least online). What happened to the Dawn?

Phil Spector: Women Should be Shot in the Head


Phil Spector remains his own worse enemy. Linda Deutsch reports that the judge has ruled that jurors may hear from a security guard who says he heard the record producer rant against women and declare they should all be shot in the head.

Superior Court Judge Larry Paul Fidler said the testimony

tends to show the depth of Mr. Spector’s anger.

To be fair, the security guard booted Spector from a Christmas party given by Joan Rivers, which is so creepy. Was he dating Melissa?

Phil Spector Gets BBC Treatment from Vikram Jayanti


Vikram Jayanti snagged the Phil Spector interview for the BBC. Jayanti, who was part of the Oscar-winning team for When We Were Kings, is directing a documentary on the legendary producer, Arena – The Agony and The Ecstasy Of Phil Spector. Jayanti said:

I think it was the combination of the BBC, Anthony Wall and myself that persuaded him to agree to make the film. We have complete editorial control. It’s an empathetic film about a key musician.

Jayanti’s had great luck with weird old guys as subjects before–Lord Glenconner and Garry Kasparov, to name two. But his film on artist Julian Schnabel got killed by the lawyers.

(Disclaimer: this FBLA editor worked with Jayanti at UFA–where lunch was the most important part of the day.)

KTLA Checks In, Asks About Mom

ktlastar.jpgWe got the sweetest little reminder note in our in-box today from someone named NewsDog who was pimping the KTLA Web site’s coverage of the Phil Spector trial.

KTLA is carrying the Spector Trial gavel-to-gavel on their web site
( News anchor Marta Waller, who anchored the coverage of the Simpson trial, is anchoring this coverage on the web. Yesterday, when there was no trial KTLA spent the day on their web site covering the May Day Immigration rallies in Southern California.

So, if you want to see a blow-by-blow of Phil’s latest hair-do, check them out. Thank you, NewsDog. Good boy!