Marie Claire has released an iPad app with the help of Zinio and Hot Studio. The three have worked together to create a more interactive means of reading magazine content online, in essence transforming Marie Claire into a “video magazine.” We spoke with representatives from Hearst, Zinio and Hot Studio to get a clear picture of how this collaboration came to be and what it means for the future of magazines. Innovative features for the app’s free (yes) download offers a curated look at sample features from several recent issues of the magazine. Readers then have the option of buying a single issue for $3.50, or a year’s subscription.

Marie Claire‘s branded app includes twenty minutes of video content, fashion pieces, moving (literally and, sure, figuratively) editorial, the option to shop products within the app itself (check out the screen grab at top, for instance) with deep links to shops and advertisers,  interactive 360 degree products images, and interactive quizzes that, when completed, reveal relevant information and content tailored for the reader. Plus, the app features a “living” cover showing actress Emma Watson in motion rather than as a static image. Which, come on. Is just pretty freaking cool.

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