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Employed And Unemployed Alike Swap Swag At ASSME Bash

assmepic.pngJust as we were about to leave ASSME’s Swag-a-Thon — a charity event/blowout hosted by the organization representing the “sh*tcanned media elite” — we heard the unmistakable voice of New York Times media columnist David Carr. There had been some confusion over whether Carr would come — something about being lost in a taxi — but clearly he had made it to Fontana’s safely. So, what did he think of the party?

“I would say the people are sort of spicy and interesting,” Carr told FishbowlNY. “I don’t know if you noticed any jerks or a**holes in there? I just got here so maybe they’re lurking.”

Jerks? Of course not! But we did see, as attendee Rex Sorgatz of put it, “70 percent of all the people I see at all the other media parties,” including Jeff Bercovici, Foster Kamer, Rachel Sklar, Brian Stelter, Megan Keane of TechSoup, and ASSME-ers (ASSME-ites?) Sheila McClear, Drew Grant and president Aaron Gell.

Photo: (from left to right) Gell, Carr and Grant party on. Photo by Amy Mitten

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How Will We Pay for The New York Times?

online.jpgLast month the media topic du jour was ‘Will the New York Times survive?’ In the last week or so the conversation appears to have shifted to ‘How will the Times survive?’ CEO Janet Robinson says “As other newspapers cut back on international and national coverage, or cease operations, we believe there will be opportunities for The Times to fill that void.” But how? It seems likely that paid content of some sort is on the way, but what it might look like is very much up for discussion.

Over at Slate Gabe Sherman is arguing that the i-Tunes micropayment formula, most recently suggested by Time‘s Walter Isaacson, won’t work.

Put simply, journalism is not music. Yes, Jobs convinced consumers to pay for music in digital form. But unlike an individual newspaper link, an iTunes purchase becomes digital property a music lover can enjoy for life…Compare that to a dispatch from Baghdad or an analysis of the stimulus bailout. No matter how illuminating and engaging, journalism is fleeting by comparison.

Meanwhile Steve Brill says the Times is wasting its time sticking to a free model.

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Rex Sorgatz: Presently Predicting the Future

We like Rex Sorgatz‘s predictions for the new year. Tech, media and pop culture – you know the stuff we actually care about. He wrote 36 predictions…15 of them are pretty good.

Here are some examples:

9. Starbucks. After trying everything else imaginable, they introduce a new “buffet” option, which is a surprise hit.


24. Publishing. 49 books are published that chronicle the end of publishing.

Read the whole list and decide for yourself.

Our thanks to BuzzFeed for catching this.

Our Final List Round-Up of 2008!

More lists! Maybe itemizing things makes the terrible year media we just suffered easier to bear. Also it’s a fun way to fill the time between now and opening the champagne. Anyway, here’s the final installment:

What Surprised Michael Wolff Most About Rupert Murdoch May Also Surprise You!

100_3532.jpgThe party for Michael Wolff‘s much ballyhooed official Rupert Murdoch biography The Man Who Owns the News was held last night at the stunning penthouse of Milk Studios on the West Side and, not surprisingly, attracted a whole slew of media big wigs (every style of horn-rimmed glasses appeared to be present — said one party-goer on knowing the room was packed with famous names but not recognizing the faces: “I wish there was an iPhone app for that.”). Sadly Rupe himself was noticeably absent. Turns out the last-minute party date switcheroo from Monday night to Tuesday was just…a mistake, and not actually a scheduling conflict with Wendi Murdoch’s 40th birthday party.

100_3535.jpgWe eventually caught up with Wolff — the man knows how to work a room! — and asked him what, in the course of writing the book, had most surprised him about Rupert Murdoch?

That he takes an enema before a long-haul flight.

There you have it! To file in your TMI folder. We also managed to chat with Christie Hefner for a few minutes (full disclosure: we have written for Playboy) about her decision to step down as CEO from Playboy Enterprises.(Above: Michael Wolff; Right: Dan Abrams and David Zinczenko)

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Tonight! We Liveblog the Second to Last Presidential Debate Ever*

livblggdb.pngOnce again FBNY will be liveblogging tonight’s second Presidential debate along with Rachel Sklar, John Carney, Ana Marie Cox, Rex Sorgatz and numerous special guests presuming they are able to log on. Those of you who tuned in for the VP debate liveblog last week will remember that Coveritlive, the program we use to liveblog had some problems last week. Turns out everyone on the planet was trying to liveblog what we like to refer to as the ‘Palination.’ TVNewser’s Steve Krakauer spoke to Coveritlive head Keith McSpurren, who told him that the volume of users had overwhelmed the system:

As a precaution last night due to readership that was 5X larger than last weeks’ Presidential debate, we held back any new readers at different times so that we could ensure the tens of thousands of readers and the writers using CoveritLive could stay online without interruption.

Anyway, they’ve apparently made steps to fix the problem, so tune in tonight — or out depending how much media stimulation you can handle at once — we aim to include as many comments as we can.

*Not technically ever, per se, though if McCain/Palin prevail, chances are future debates will be even less about debating than filming charming infomercials. Regardless, we imagine in four years liveblogs will be as archaic as television.

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RNC ‘O8: At Times Just a Big Familiar Media Party

100gg3132.jpgSo, by this point you know that FBNY is here in St. Paul-Minneapolis for the RNC along with FishbowlDC, and TVNewser. But that is not the limit of familiar faces! Here’s a short round-up of people who we seem to be spending a lot of time with, be it at the buffet, the CNN Grill, Sammy Hagar concerts, or extended walks around the ever-shifting Xcel barricade.

  • Rachel Sklar has been interviewing media conventioners about their first convention: Laura Ingraham has some choice words about Chris Rock dating back to 1996.
  • Ana Marie Cox is doing triple duty, covering both conventions for Swampland, CQ, and (the not to be missed) Twitter (“John McCain PUT DOWN the White House!”).
  • Tim Carney, our favorite Conservative Libertarian (also the “new Robert Novak“) has posted a convention preview (Palin pick: “a high-risk/high-reward decision.”)
  • Rex Sorgatz, former Minneapolite and current FBNY direction giver, is Radaronline‘s RNC correspondent. Did you know there’s a statue of Mary Tyler Moore here…spinning!