LoveActuallyWe think we may have found one of the holiday season’s best examples of a “Bah, humbug!” reader-comments thread. The Guardian shared at the beginning of the week a pair of wonderful mini-essays from Love Actually writer-director Richard Curtis and co-star Bill Nighy. Or so we thought.

Coming back to check on the 10th anniversary article a few days later, FishbowlNY was dismayed and, yes, also somewhat amused to find British readers dumping all over this pair. Let’s start with some of the reaction to Curtis’ statement that Love Actually is “his Pulp Fiction:”

TheNiceKrispie: It’s his Four Rooms.

ThomasChristopherKin: Nah, it’s The Room four times.

SolomonGrundy: It’s his f*cking Sharknado.

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