cn_portfolio_launch_041607_sm.jpgWhat the usual suspects — and others — are saying about Portfolio‘s launch:

  • NYT: “Business is about power,” Condé Nast Portfolio‘s editor Joanne Lipman writes in her first editor’s letter. “And guts. And passion. Business coverage should be too.” Business is also about brains, and Condé Nast’s were certainly questioned when the company announced in September 2005 that it was putting out a business magazine — its biggest investment in a start-up — when others were foundering.
  • MIN: With the one-year-plus expectations for Condé Nast’s $100 million-plus business-magazine venture so high, we’ll bet this week that the bloggers and gossipers will find their share of faults.
  • WWD: The original goal of attracting more business and financial advertisers to Condé Nast’s fashion and luxury ad base appears to have been met.
  • Marketwatch: Lipman says Portfolio won’t seem like “homework.”
  • ABCNews: Portfolio’s deep pockets.
  • AdAge: Nat Ives likes what he sees.
  • Gawker: The “idea lab.”
  • NYP: “… packing 185 ad pages and lots of intrigue between its debut covers.”
  • Nikki Finke: Likens Portfolio to CEO porn, suggests masturbating to it. Not kidding:

    Just because Portfolio puts in a few negatives, and then promptly negates those negatives with all sorts of puffery, does not a hard-hitting profile make. And its decision to provide an elaborate description of [Ryan] Kavanaugh’s clothes, at the expense of digging into the details behind those investors who were sucker-punched by Kavanaugh, is more worthy of Vogue than a supposedly serious business mag. Besides, hasn’t Ken Auletta already cornered the market on Big Media blow job journalism for The New Yorker? So my suggestion is not to bother with Portfolio unless you’re a mogul and need CEO Porn to masturbate.


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