scrubs-logo.jpgAs bad as the market is right now for print, niche magazines have it a little bit easier, if only because their consumer base is made up of devotees. Why else would Condé Nast be able to keep two golf magazines afloat while having to cut Gourmet? Niche markets have niche advertising, which also helps: The fashion world might be hurting overall, but the supply and demand for yachting goods has probably not taken as much of a dip in their sales records.

With that in mind, we’d like to welcome into the world the first lifestyle magazine made for nurses: Scrubs (Zach Braff not included), which will hit stores nursing apparel stores November 15, already with a paid circulation of 350,000. Says Michael Singer, CEO of Scrubs‘ founding sponsor Strategic Partners Inc., “Healthcare is one of the few sectors of the economy adding jobs.” Ironic, no?

Scrubs also has a pretty good pedigree: its editorial director is Catherine Ettlinger, a former Elle editor and managing editor at Mademoiselle.

By the way, we highly suggest you check out, which has articles like “The First Date Checklist for Nurses” and “Top 10 Signs Your Patient May Be a Drug Seeker.”

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