Tonight’s episode of SoCal Connected is timely, to say the least. A day after the election of Pope Francis, the KCETLink program has unearthed an old recording of Father Stephen Rosetti talking about the “LA model” for reassigning Catholic priests accused of sexual misconduct.

As SoCal Connected often does, a behind-the-scenes segment frames the story. Madeleine Brand will talk with reporter Vincent Gonzales about both what has gone in to this ongoing enterprise project and a new online search tool* being developed by the program to track where individual priests were stationed. Per today’s pre-show announcement:

SoCal Connected gained access to tapes of a 1996 lecture in which a church official discusses the “LA Model,” an experimental program that placed some accused priests in desk jobs in the Archdiocese or helped them find employment throughout the city, without informing the public of their misdeeds.

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