It’s a factoid that follows Bollywood veteran Kamal Haasan wherever he goes: “He is known for having starred in the largest number of competing films submitted by India for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Feature.”

That info is front and center in the blurbs for this afternoon’s NAB panel, “Bollywood Beyond Borders,” taking place in Vegas from 4:15 p.m. to 5:15 p.m. But there’s also a newer factoid that is equally intriguing. The Tamil thriller Vishwaroopam, which Hasaan wrote, directed, produced and co-stars in, is the first Indian film to utilize new Auro 3D sound technology developed by a company based in Belgium.

Two other names stand out among those joining Hasaan for this afternoon’s NAB discussion: Visual Effects Society board director Jeff Kleiser and global content policy strategist for Intel Ravi Velhal. Job titles honestly don’t get much cooler than the one Velhal gets to drop.

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