PC World magazine senior associate editor Liana Cassavoy checks in with LA freelancer Derek Jech and others across the country to itemize the recommended do’s and don’ts of a Starbucks home office worker.

Since the chain switched to free Wi-Fi, the laptop brigades have taken a firmer hold of each and every store location. Other than plating over or removing select electrical outlets, there’s really nothing Starbucks can do to discourage these all-day patrons. Or is there?:

“We are convinced the baristas try to freeze us out by jacking up the air conditioning at certain points of the day,” says Tandaleya Wilder, a publicist and founder of She Got Game Media, who often works out of a Starbucks in Miami’s South Beach. Also, she notes that the baristas sometimes “purposely play the worse rotation of songs imaginable to get us out of there.”

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