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Scarsdale Rudely Interrupts NYT Couple’s Retirement

Seymour Topping and his wife are already paying a hefty annual real estate tax bill. But according to a recent report by Journal News ”Tax Watch” columnist David McKay Wilson, the couple may be forced to move due to a newly revised assessment of their property’s value.


The pair’s yearly property-tax burden is set to double from $43,415 to $85,704. Or, more than the amount originally paid for the 13-room, two-acre property in 1967:

“I was in absolute shock,” said Topping, 92, who lives with his wife, Audrey, 86, a photographer and author. “We looked forward to living out our last years here. Now it has become impossible to live here unless I borrow money to pay the taxes.”

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Attorney Wants People to Remember Dave Herman for His Radio Legacy

DavidHermanFBIPhotoThe sordid final chapter of Dave Herman‘s life has come to a sudden end. Per a report in the Journal News, the trailblazing one-time WNEW-FM radio DJ passed away in Essex County jail Thursday while awaiting trial on federal sex charges relating to Internet solicitation of a minor.

The case will now, forcibly, be dismissed. Meanwhile, Herman’s legal representative relayed to reporter Hoa Nguyen some very wishful thinking:

Attorney Marc Agnifilo said he hoped the case wouldn’t overshadow Herman’s legacy.

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NRA President Attacks The Journal News, Gawker, for Publishing Gun Owners’ Information

The Journal News has been under near-constant attack for publishing a list of gun owners’ names and addresses. People have threatened to shoot editors — because that makes a whole lot of sense — and more. Then Gawker, seeing all the attention the Journal News was getting, copied the paper and published its own list of New York City’s gun owners, containing just their names. And now both the Journal News and Gawker have a new common critic: David Keene, president of the NRA.

According to The New York Observer, Keene was asked about both lists while on a radio show. Keene took the opportunity to criticize the Journal News, Gawker, and — Sarah Palin fans get excited — “elite media,” whatever the hell that is:

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Threats to Journal News Staffers Are Intense

The trouble surrounding the Journal News is getting intense. After publishing the now infamous list of gun owners names and addresses, the paper received an abundance of threatening phone calls and emails, so it took the unusual step of hiring armed guards to patrol its grounds. We wondered if that was an overreaction — after all, the police said the threats weren’t a big deal — but it turns out, it definitely wasn’t.

According to The New York Times, the threats made against Journal News staffers are seriously scary:

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Journal News Hires Armed Guards After Publishing Gun Owners’ Names

The Journal News, which recently published a list of local gun owners’ names and addresses, has hired armed guards to patrol its grounds after editors received an inordinate amount of negative emails and phone calls. According to a police report obtained by The Rockland County Times, a private security company is “doing private security at on location at the Journal News as a result of the negative response to the article.”

The report said that the Journal News’ editor, Caryn McBride, complained of “negative correspondence” earlier, but police didn’t consider anything that McBride came across as threatening. McBride did receive a note from one reader who that wondered “what McBride would get in her mail now,” but apparently that’s no big deal.

When McBride didn’t get what she perceived as an appropriate response from the police, the paper decided to ask the private security company to step in.

It’s difficult to tell if the Journal News and McBride are overreacting — and if even if they aren’t, is adding more guns to the mix ever a good thing? Either way, as of now there have been no incidents at the Journal News. Let’s keep it that way.

Journal News Publishes Local Gun Owners’ Names and Addresses

Gun control is a highly popular and highly sensitive subject, so the Journal News decided to tackle it in a blunt way: By publishing the names and addresses of gun owners in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties. Alongside an article titled “The Gun Owner Next Door: What You Don’t Know About The Weapons in Your Neighborhood,” the paper posted an interactive map that details the gun owners’ information.

As you might expect, the comments posted to the article were overwhelmingly critical and sometimes, downright crazy. “I’d rather have a gun owner as my neighbor then a journalist, one is far more responsible then the other,” wrote one reader. Another commented “Do you fools realize that you also made a map for criminals to use to find homes to rob that have no guns in them to protect themselves? What a bunch of liberal boobs you all are.” Right. Surely every criminal in Westchester, Putnam and Rockland counties is excitedly planning the next caper based entirely on the Journal News’ map.

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Keeping Short Stories Alive: Five Chapters On The Menu

mmm_2-3.gifIt was a literary day on the media- Morning Media Menu podcast today, as hosts Jason Boog of GalleyCat and AgencySpy‘s Matt Van Hoven welcomed David Daley, the founder of short story Web site

Daley, a former features editor at Details who has also done work for McSweeney’s and The Journal News, founded Five Chapters in 2006 to serialize unpublished short stories. The site features each story in five parts over the course of one week, from Monday through Friday.

“I’m looking for standalone short stories because you want people to feel like they’ve read something complete over the course of the week,” Daley said, explaining his selections for Five Chapters. “And sometimes when you’re excerpting from a novel it doesn’t have that feeling of completeness.”

In talking about the growth of blogs and online publications, Daley said the Internet has democratized the format, “allowing someone like me to run a literary journal,” but it has also taken the money out of the picture. Many of the places that used to publish short fiction no longer do, Daley said, leaving writers few options for making money.

Also discussed: recent media layoffs like those to come soon at Forbes magazine, and how they are affecting the industry.

You can listen to all the past podcasts at and call in at 646-929-0321.

Journal News Sacks Business News Staff, Rehires Cartoonist

jouranl news.pngEarlier this week, we learned that Gannett-owned Westchester paper The Journal News was completing its restructuring this week by giving transitional pay packages to employees who chose not to reapply for jobs at the paper.

Today, Talking Biz News, a business journalism blog, exclusively reports that the Journal News‘ entire business staff was among the 50 editorial staffers cut in the reorganization.

According to the blog, business editor Mike Bieger and reporters Julie Moran Alterio, Jerry Gleeson and Jay Loomis were among those recently laid off, along with former business editor Frank Brill, who was recently working as data desk editor. After these cuts, there is no one left in the department that once boasted as many as 14 people. (Have more news? Let us know.)

What’s interesting about this decision is what it says about the Journal News‘ commitment to covering business news, especially the news of corporations that are based locally and local small businesses. Is this a decision from on high at Gannett? Will the publisher’s smaller pubs share content from its flagship USA TODAY?

But, here’s some good news. What the Journal News now lacks in business coverage it will make up for in editorial cartoons. The Daily Cartoonist blog reports that the paper has decided to keep Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Matt Davies on staff, after previously intimating that he was among those set to be laid off.

Westchester biz news staff goneTalking Biz News

The Journal News Will Keep Matt DaviesThe Daily Cartoonist

Earlier: Gannett’s Westchester Paper Wraps Up Restructuring Process

Gannett-Owned Paper’s Restructuring Requires Staffers To Reapply For Jobs

jouranl news.pngIn the past year, it feels like media companies have tried everything to save money and enact cutbacks. But this week there is a newspaper that is doing something completely different.

The Journal News, a Westchester County-based Gannett-owned paper serving the lower Hudson River Valley in New York, laid off 57 employees — in its production, finance, and information technology divisions — last week, and yesterday told 288 advertising and editorial staffers that it would be restructuring those departments and they would all have to reapply for new, redefined roles.

The advertising department, which currently has 96 employees, is losing 20 positions, while the editorial division, which now employs 192, will be losing 50 spots, Journal News publisher Michael Fisch said in a memo to staffers obtained by Romanesko. Employees will have until tomorrow to apply for the new positions (many of which are posted online) and they will learn their fate by the end of the month.

Although the jobs have been posted on CareerBuilder, it’s unclear whether an external candidates will be considered for the positions. We have put in calls and emails to HR at the Journal News but if you have any information — about the hiring process, the mood at the paper or anything else — let us know.

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via Gawker and New York Times