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Concerned LA Residents Planning Weekend Protest Against GQ

In the spring of 2012, the editors of GQ deemed the heart of the Abbot Kinney neighborhood in Venice, CA to be the “Coolest Block in America.” A year and a half later, the magazine is back in the hood and some residents struggling with the very real aftereffects of this kind of glorified gentrification are not amused.


To coincide with Saturday’s “GQHQ at The Brig” (10 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT, 1515 Abbot Kinney Blvd.), a group of residents have organized an anti-GQ event, “Welcome to Venice, Now Go Home.” It starts at the more civilized hour of noon, in front of The Brig.

The event, designed to foster discussion among residents about this complicated issue, is the brainchild of a pair of local small business owners. Among those planning to drop by is Tibby Rothman, a longtime Venice resident and journalist. She was not involved in the organization of the event, but as a longtime friend of FishbowlNY, we figured she would be very well positioned to address some of the broader, underlying issues.

“I’m speaking as someone who published the newspaper VenicePaper for close to eight years,” Rothman tells us. “Once you call something the Coolest Block in America, it most definitely will not be.”

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LA Weekly Writer Contemplates Her TV Celebrity Cousin

You may know Gail Simmons from the Bravo show Top Chef and same-network spinoff Just Desserts. Perhaps you have purchased her brand new book Talking With My Mouth Full.

But what you surely don’t know about Simmons, unless you have already read this LA Weekly item, is that she is also the cousin of article author Tibby Rothman. The reporter takes about seven paragraphs to get to that fact, and moves on hilariously from there:

Then, in 2008, the ultimate blow. There she was, younger, getting married. Me, the don’t-have-an-agenda girl, still bereft of a ring. Family intervention got me on a plane to New York. The in-flight entertainment featured Top Chef. I watched CNN.

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Patch Hits South Pasadena, Press Club

In these times of journalistic layoffs and media conglomerate belt-tightening, the rapid, ongoing Southern California expansion of community news hub venture seems almost surreal. Yesterday, after some last-minute technical hiccups, the AOL seed-funded enterprise turned on the newest of its area websites, South Pasadena Patch, the same day the L.A. Press Club announced that San Francisco-based Patch west coast editorial director Marcia Parker (pictured) will be flying down to address the organization’s annual meeting on Thursday, October 14th.

When a new Patch launches, one of the first orders of business for readers is to click on the biography page of the site’s local editor. In the case of South Pasadena Patch, the new hire is Sonia Narang. After receiving a Master’s in journalism from UC Berkeley, the California native honed her skills as an online video producer for PBS’ Frontline, NBC Nightly News, and others.

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LA Weekly Interviews the ‘Renegade Sign Bandit’

2106415.41.jpg With an estimated 4,000 illegal billboards in the city, one citizen has taken the law into his own hands. Well, taken to putting official looking notices on illegal advertisements.

Anyway, this concerned citizen turned activist gave LA Weekly an interview, more specifically Tibby Rothman talked to him.

Our favorite:

LAW: Who do you hold responsible for the proliferation of signs?

Bandit: Well, of course, the Mayor has ultimate responsibility. And the City Attorney should be, at least, threatening to sue this company for having these signs out illegally. Building & Safety is the department that is directly in charge, I believe. None of the City Councilmen have made any noise out of it–they’re the ones with the bully pulpit. That ought to cover it, I think.

LAW: For a bandito, you seem to have a strong understanding of how the city government functions.

The Sign Bandit is a civics wonk. Of course.

Photo credit LAWeekly

James Rainey vs Jill Stewart Redux


Jill Stewart penned a rebuttal to James Rainey’s “take-down” piece about the LA Weekly.

Since is crashing on and off due to the Michael Jackson deluge, we have posted then entire piece after the break, but here’s an excerpt:

Rainey accuses me of being an ideologue. Isn’t he talking about himself? I suspect that he cannot abide a mixed-bag political mutt like me, a lifelong Democrat raised in a working-class union household, yet one who finds the Democratic leaders now running most of L.A.’s political and civic institutions to be doing an exceptionally poor job of it. That’s news, and we at the Weekly will continue to cover it.

After their servers catch up – the story should be here.

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  • James Rainey vs Jill Stewart

    James Rainey‘s column today in the LAT ends like this:

    I don’t see the Weekly regaining its equilibrium as long as Stewart remains in charge of the news section. It’s likely that a new top editor will be brought in from outside.

    But no one I talked to expects the bombastic Ms. Stewart to be going anywhere any time soon.

    So Jill Stewart sent us this letter which we have printed in full:

    Hi there,

    I wanted to tell my colleagues and friends in journalism and blogging that James Rainey of the Los Angeles Times did not contact me for his take-down attempt column about me today, published during the very same week in which news-side stories I assigned and edited blew the Times out of the water at the Los Angeles Press Club awards. These awards, announced five days ago, were judged entirely by journalists in other major cities around the nation to avoid local favoritism. And then yesterday, a young reporter who won a major award for a piece that I assigned and edited beat The New York Times and was in Washington, D.C. collecting his award.

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