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KFI Newsman Talks About Looming Health Insurance Nightmare

Filling in this week for Aron Bender, KFI AM 640′s Rob Archer (pictured) did a solid job last night with the news breaks and nightly 9-9:30 p.m. “News Bender” segment on The Tim Conway Jr. Show. As per usual, Conway Jr. kibbitzed with his partner in news crime all the way through the segment, leading at one point to a  startling revelation.

Although Archer explained that he had comprehensive health care coverage at his previous employer, he said he is now dealing with a very concerning residual problem. A lot of the procedures and tests he had done at that time (like a gall bladder operation) are now coming back to him in urgent letter form as having been “out of network.”

And are you ready for this number? Archer told Conway Jr. the expenses in dispute could eventually fall in the pre-Obama care neighborhood of $250,000.

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Media Colleagues Pay Tribute to Gary Lycan

The measure of Gary Lycan, a much loved and respected Southern California radio columnist, is all over the Orange County Register‘s Facebook page. After a courageous battle with cancer, Lycan passed away on Tuesday at the age of 68.

Here is just a sampling at press time of some of the comments left on Facebook in response to the paper’s sharing of the obituary piece by Peter Larsen:

Tim Conway Jr. (KFI AM 640 radio host): If it wasn’t for Gary always including me in his pieces, I would not be working on KFI today. He was the best friend radio could have ever asked for.

Nancy Luna (Register food reporter): I am so sad to hear this news. Gary wasn’t just a great reporter, he was a great selfless person. He was one of my biggest supporters. He had a knack for sending me a note of encouragement when I needed it the most. Despite his illness, he was still upbeat and positive. I admired him for that. Gary, you will be missed deeply. Rest in peace.

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A Santa Anita Celebrity Trifecta That Can Always Be Counted On for Laughs

Santa Anita Park is doing a lot to raise the profile of its annual Breeder’s Cup races kicking off tomorrow. Per an article in the Pasadena Star-News by Brenda Gazzar, they’ve got Tony Bennett singing Saturday before the big $5 million race and a host of new celebrity supporters across the country.

But in terms of old school PR, Santa Anita has for years been able to count on the all-star comedy stable of Mel Brooks, his close friend Dick Van Patten and the Conway family duo of Tim and Tim Jr. Among the memorable anecdotes in Gazzar’s piece is this one, about a father passing on some life skills:

After returning from a day at the races with his father, Conway Jr. improvised a Show and Tell [at Encino Elementary] by teaching his classmates how to “box an exacta.”

When the Encino school’s principal told Conway Sr. it was “borderline child abuse” to teach a kid to gamble, he deadpanned: “Let me tell you what child abuse is. (He picks horse 3 and 5), it comes in 5-3, and he doesn’t have it boxed” and loses. “That’s child abuse.”

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KFI Alum Randy Wang on Coming Out… Live on the Air

The only problem with Randy Wang’s big announcement on the June 20 edition of The Tim Conway Jr. Show is that because he has engaged over the years with the host in various on-air gags, many listeners thought he was joking that night too. But Wang was not. When he jumped on at 9:30 p.m. to tell Conway Jr. and newsman Aron Bender that he was gay, he was being completely sincere.

“A lot of people asked me after the announcement, ‘Seriously!? That wasn’t just a joke?’” Wang (pictured) tells FishbowlLA via telephone. “And to this day, people still occasionally come up to me and say, ‘Oh, I thought that was a bit.’ It kind of makes sense, because Tim has made numerous, non-stop gay jokes about me on the air for years. And it’s been hilarious.”

Wang was with the KFI AM 640 evening program until May 9, when he left to join show sponsor 1-800LoanMart as event marketing coordinator. After his big personal announcement, Wang returned with Pretty Good Podcast partner Gina Grad to guest host a week’s worth of shows July 9-13 while Conway Jr. was on vacation in the Pacific Northwest. It all adds up to a very eventful few months.

“Me realizing I was gay all happened pretty organically,” Wang says. “Literally a few days before I made the announcement, I had an encounter with a woman that did not go so well. I came to the realization that I was gay and decided I had to tell the world.”

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USC Tragedy Delivers KFI’s Unlikeliest Correspondent: Jungle Kid 55

Tim Conway Jr. (pictured) has been on the air at KFI AM 640 for several years now. During that time, he has fielded many phone calls, but he insisted the one received last night from an anonymous West Adams area resident was the best such conversation yet. So much so that he chose to repeat it later on during his Wednesday program.

The African-American, adult male caller – who asked to remain anonymous and later said the show could refer to him as “Jungle Kid 55″ – provided Conway Jr. and newsman Aron Bender with unverified but entirely believable information about the brutal Wednesday morning murder of two foreign USC graduate students:

- He said the incident was not a failed carjacking but rather a robbery, during which the victims refused to surrender possessions including an iPhone;

-He suggested that “word on the street” was that the perpetrator was African-American and a recent parolee;

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Another Memorable Conway-to-Noory Hand Off

In recent weeks, KFI AM 640 evening personalities Tim Conway Jr. and George Noory have become much chattier at the cusp of the 10 p.m. PT hour. That’s when Conway checks in with Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM, to find out what choice topics lie ahead. Noory’s syndicated program is bigger than ever, having just welcomed its 560th station affiliate; on any given night, the inquisitive host (pictured) is broadcasting from either LA or St. Louis.

It started when Noory—whose father recently passed away—talked very intimately one night about his personal life (wives, ex-wives, etc.) After that particular segment was over, Tim Conway Jr. Show newsman Aron Bender marveled that he had learned more about their KFI stablemate from that one conversation than from all previous chats combined.

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Tim Conway Jr. Wants to Send Hikers Back to Iran

For the most part, KFI 640 AM radio personality Tim Conway Jr. (pictured) modulates his anger. But last night, during his show’s “News Bender” feature with announcer Aron Bender, he went on a tirade against recently released American hikers Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal.

Upon learning that the pair, together with previously freed border trekker Sarah Shourd, had made a supportive appearance at Occupy Oakland, Conway Jr. launched into it:

“Oh God… I wish they were back in Iran. You know, this is unbelievable. We spend so much time and so much money trying to get those ungrateful F’s out of Iran, and they come back here and the thanks we get is [for them] to join those other losers at Occupy Wall Street. Screw them! I hope they go back to Iran… God I hate ungrateful people, I really do. Punks. Punk-ass b*tches.”

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KFI Hosts Whip Up Memorable Charlie Sheen Ringtones

The entire AM radio dial continues to feast on the Charlie Sheen media tour, picking apart each and every interview with play-pause-play glee. Leading the way at Burbank based KFI 640 AM are Tim Conway Jr. and his newsreader partner-in-crime Aron Bender (pictured).

Bender has ingeniously manipulated some of Sheen’s signature mantras and turned them into cell phone ringtones. The first offering elongates the words “bring it” into a very convincing sounding Sheen-powered rotary phone. Listen-download here.

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ET Correspondent Not Surprised by Reports of Ted Williams LA Altercation

Filling in this morning as host on Dan Patrick‘s nationally syndicated AM sports talk radio show, Entertainment Tonight correspondent (and former Patrick ESPN cubicle mate) Kevin Frazier (pictured) was in a unique position to comment on a report in the LA Times of an altercation last night at the Hollywood Renaissance Hotel involving golden-voiced wonder Ted Williams.

Frazier spent Saturday tagging along with Williams around LA for an ET report. He told radio listeners that it was almost inevitable something like the reported hotel argument between Williams and one of his daughters would happen.

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