The AMC series films a great deal of it scenes in downtown Los Angeles at LA Center Studios. But today, for its first bit of new-season production, the program was on location at LAX.

FranklinAvenueLogoTV Guide west coast bureau chief Michael Schneider spied some tweets by a key grip who works on the show and wrote up an item on his personal blog, Franklin Avenue. It’s unclear who else was involved in the scene being staged at a Terminal 4 arrivals tunnel, and in the grand scheme of today’s Terminal 3 tragedy, this is a very minor aspect of the chaos.

However, the reason this minor aspect resonates a bit more for us than other minor aspects is that the great majority of U.S. mass shootings have taken place after the decade in which Mad Men is set. Don Draper, in this context, is lucky enough to belong to a time when schools, post offices, movie theaters and the like were much safer.

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