In the wake of the death this past weekend in England of John Paul Getty III (pictured), West Hollywood filmmaker Phillippe Mora today shares via a wonderful ode to the man’s very well-heeled spirit.

Mora first hired Getty in 1978, as a favor to David Puttnam, to help with a documentary project. Soon enough, Mora was being driven around town by Getty in a Porsche, witnessing the opening of doors that he “never knew existed.” The pair then journeyed to New York to pitch Andy Warhol. That meeting didn’t go particularly well, much like the subsequent conversation Mora had with the manager of the Pierre Hotel, where he and Getty had checked into the Presidential Suite. Recalls Mora:

The manager politely asked how I was going to settle the bill. It was astronomical. “Didn’t Paul handle this?” I asked. “His family owns the hotel.”
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